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  1. The Grand Scheme of Things
    by Dormant Ordeal
  2. The Inveterate Fire: Rekindled
    by Firelink
  3. Plague of Shadows
    by Goreworm
  4. All That Was Promised
    by Hath
  5. Wormwood
    by The Acacia Strain
  6. Deconsecrate
    by Ænigmatum
  7. Searching for Clarity
    by Existem
  8. Apexapien
    by Atræ Bilis
  9. Hightower
    by Thou
  10. Hive (remastered with brand new track)
    by Hath
  11. Etemen Ænka
    by DVNE
  12. A Monument to Silence
    by Alustrium
  13. Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face
    by End
  14. Psalms to the Synthetic Divine
    by Where Deprivation Lies
  15. Othercosmic Divinations II
    by Lascaille's Shroud
  16. Splintered Light
    by Sindar
  17. Death Unchained
    by Nexorum
  18. Hellscape Mandate
    by Sleep Torture
  19. The Procession
    by NaKhArA
  20. The Most Noble Adventures of Erebor's Finest Son, In His Quest To Butcher Orcs And Save The World
    by Gimli, Son of Glóin