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Darryl Shepard

  1. Malden, Massachusetts
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  1. Bug Eggs/Tony Speaks!
    by Dry Cleaning
    A couple of additional songs to enjoy if you can’t get enough of New Long Leg (like me). Cool little single.
  2. First Nickel
    by Scratch
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Unmanned Tower
    by Ryosuke Kiyasu
  4. New Long Leg
    by Dry Cleaning
  5. For the first time
    by Black Country, New Road
    Track X Track X
    I’m hearing traces of Television, Can, The Fall, Sonic Youth and yes, Slint, in this, but it’s wholly original. I love every song on here but Track X is a perfect daydream soundtrack. Early contender for AOTY for me.
  6. Harvest Verses
  7. Fly Like A Seagull
    by TC and The Seaside Assembly
    by Dug McCormack
  9. Sell The Future
    by Cortez
  10. Rumours of War: The Complete Demo Collection
    by Wargasm
  11. Binary Sunset Massacre
    by Bantha Rider
    Whole album rocks. Heavy Karma to Burn vibe, which is fine with me!
  12. Several Shades of Why
    by J Mascis
  13. Tied to a Star
    by J Mascis
  14. Beyond The Eye
    by Skin Yard
    Western Wall REMIX Western Wall REMIX
    This remix sounds fantastic. Grade-A prime Seattle grunge from the late 80s/early 90s. Riffs for days. If you listen close enough you can hear the spilled beer and wet roaches. Buy it. Duh.
  15. Smashed Hits
    by The Hammer Party
    Waiting for the Bus Waiting for the Bus
    If you dig AmRep, L.E.S. scumrock and lighting shit on fire then this is in your wheelhouse. Rules.
  16. Warm Up Boston
    by Warm Up Boston
  17. Ghost Folk
    by Allysen Callery
  18. The Everlorn
    by Sinira
  19. Lonesome Boredom Overdrive
    by Worshipper
  20. Slipping Away
    by Worshipper