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  1. Bark at the Moon (Single)
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  2. Failure - 20th Anniversary Edition
    by Assemblage 23
  3. Reanimation of Annihilation
    by 5¢ Freakshow
    by Aesthetic Perfection & MORIS BLAK
  5. Spend the Night
    by The Writhers
  6. American Psycho
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  7. A New Drug
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  8. Evil Witch Bitch
    by The Creeping Terrors
    by XP8
    Back To Light Back To Light
    I was at XP8's last gig, the SOS show at Electrowerkz and, the subsequent curtain call EP trio aside, had assumed that was it.

    Blimey, it was worth being wrong. A staggering, thumping pair of industrial club anthems that reminded me what we've all been missing, especially given the stay-at-home shitfest of the past 1.5 years.

    It may be too much to wish for, but I'll be thrilled if this is no one-off callback to more fun age. I long to dance to this at a dark, smoke-filled venue.
  10. Happy Face (Single)
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  11. Mourning Noise
    by Mourning Noise
  12. Curse of Eldorado
    by Ghoultown
  13. Gravity (Single)
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  14. In One Gulp
    by The Writhers
  15. Ghastly Reminders
    by The Writhers
  16. Dead Zone (Single)
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  17. Resistance Is Futile!
    by Savage Remains
  18. Splitsville
    by Murderland
  19. Pogo The Killer Clown (8 Hour Song Writing Challenge)
    by 5¢ Freakshow
  20. Feeder
    by Front Line Assembly