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Zak Glynn

  1. Manchester, UK
  2. Folk
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  1. Protector / Darkest Hour
    by Heavy Sentence
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    Protector Protector
    Music to ride a motorbike through a shopping center at 3am high on cocaine to
  2. Food For Cats EP
    by Toytoise
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    Note To Cellulose Note To Cellulose
    What a pretty album.
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  3. Don't Piss On Me, I'm Already Dead
    by Crywank
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    Forlorn Leghorn Forlorn Leghorn
  4. The Day's Not Over Until You Fall Asleep
    by Slow Motion Commotion
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    Hollow People Kings Hollow People Kings
  5. Shotgun in the Bum
    by asdfgfa
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    Shotgun in the Bum Shotgun in the Bum
  6. Bo-Rain (demo)
    by H. Morse
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  7. Crash EP
    by Hora Douse
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    Speak Speak
  8. One
    by Won
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    Mother Tongues and Father Throats Mother Tongues and Father Throats
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  9. If You're Gonna Go EP
    by Bytheway
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    Stories Of Him Stories Of Him
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  10. Caïna - Setter of Unseen Snares
    by COF Records
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    Introduction Introduction
  11. To Speak EP
    by Chrissy Barnacle
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    Fawn Heart (with strings) Fawn Heart (with strings)
    If some humans are born with inherent magical abilities, Chrissy taps straight into the magic source and turns it into music.
  12. Floodplain
    by oh man, the mountain
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    Oh no, the swamp Oh no, the swamp
    Oh man, it's awesome!
  13. Good Friends In Wet Places
    by Swashbuckle
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    No-one can fuckle' with the 'buckle
  14. The Secret Mirror
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
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    The Secret Mirror The Secret Mirror
  15. Horizons Part I
    by Lost But Not Forgotten
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    You Are Your Choices You Are Your Choices
    It's got a fuckload of layers, a ton of intricate details and some really sweet solos. 10/10 come to brazil.
  16. Embarrassing Early Recordings
    by Crywank
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    I Don't Know About What Happened... (Because Once You Start Writing It All Becomes Fiction) I Don't Know About What Happened... (Because Once You Start Writing It All Becomes Fiction)
    James brings us some demos and B-sides from the JIGTDS era. They're sad, they're confused and they're not quite sure of themselves.
    If you're a teenager who struggles with love, life and everything else, this songs will strike chords you wish didn't exist.
  17. ish
    by JC and The Nobodies
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    Lucky and Wasteful Lucky and Wasteful
    James returns with his new found proficiency in guitar and songwriting to bring another apathetic stab in the emotions with "Ish". It's sad, it's rad, it's been 4 years and James is still going to die soon.
  18. Panak EP
    by Niskala
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    Sarebi Sarebi
    Gamelan and math metal? It works, it works so well I'm missing most of my face
  19. :consume:
    by Old Skin
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    Snakeswallower Snakeswallower
    Mancunian Experimental hardcore, heavier than ever and groovier than ever.

    Old Skin, It digs, it rips, it tears, it :consumes:
  20. Following The Lizard Queen
    by Langdon Alger
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    Langdon Alger - Entitled Monster Langdon Alger - Entitled Monster
    Haunting... Horrifying and bloody amazing.
  21. Shameless Valentines Money Grab
    by Crywank
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    Love Love
    James and Dan hit 2014 with a perfect EP of what Crywank is all about. Sad, Silly, Cynical and Downright Mancunian. Get Sad and Stay Rad.
  22. Hora Douse EP
    by Hora Douse
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  23. MÆRE
    by Old Skin
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    Crushing, Angry and Grotesque. Old Skin are here, and they're taking your face.