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  1. Remixed Passenger
    by Schaffer the Darklord
  2. Continuum
    by Backburner
  3. You Fucking Suck
    by Coolzey and Schaffer the Darklord
  4. Bring Back My Ghost
    by Mikal kHill
  5. The Normal Album
    by Will Wood
  6. Pezcatarian (Demos)
    by The Pezheads
  7. 1979
    by DJ RX-78
  8. A Calm, Measured Response (Extended Play)
    by Two Weeks Notice
  9. Fauci's Lament
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist and Shubzilla
  10. Junk Drawer #3
    by Schaffer the Darklord
  11. A letter from Snake Eyes - Part 4 (prod. by Diagnostik80, cuts by More Or Les)
    by Wordburglar
  12. AGES, Vol 2
    by Mega Ran and DJ DN3
  13. Nepotism
    by Chokeules
  14. Children of the Atom
    by Imp
  15. City Of Heroes (single)
    by Mega Ran
  16. Giant Robot Week [Maxi-Single]
    by Imp
  17. Inter Alia
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  18. Want, For Nothing
    by Danger Grove
  19. Revenge of the Nerds II (feat. Mega Ran, Beefy, Schäffer the Darklord, SkyBlew, MC Frontalot, YTCracker, LEX the Lexicon Artist and Former Fat Boys)
    by MC Lars
  20. …For The Whole World To See
    by Death