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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. SpaceVerse
    by Wordburglar
  2. Blink 182's "Dude Ranch" as played by Colleen Green
    by Colleen Green
  3. HOLOS
    by Aquasocks
  4. The Mos Eisley Rap Show EP
    by Wordburglar
  5. Gifted Student
    by Adam WarRock
  6. Friends & Fandoms: Volume 1
    by Vince Vandal
  7. NerdKrunk Volume 2
    by Kadesh Flow
  8. NerdKrunk Volume 1
    by Kadesh Flow
  9. The War For Infinity
    by Adam WarRock
  10. The Visitor
    by Mega Ran
  11. Special: A Mob Psycho 100 EP
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  12. Want, For Nothing
    by Danger Grove
  13. LEX Is More
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  14. The Rise Of Hobo Johnson
    by Hobo Johnson
  15. The Department of Darkness
    by The Department of Darkness
  16. Advanced-Level EgonomiX
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  17. Nerd Love
    by More Or Les
  18. FNFII: Advanced Friends & Fandoms
    by Vince Vandal
  19. Suburban Hearts/Vigilante Hymns
    by Kirby Krackle
  20. 7 Evil Lexes (feat. None Like Joshua, Adam Selene, Kadesh Flow, Shubzilla, Creative Mind Frame, Ohm-I, & Schaffer the Darklord) (prod. Mikal kHill)
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
  21. beachy keen
    by Mikal kHill
  22. Raging Ego
    by LEX the Lexicon Artist
    by Sammus
  24. The Brain on Fire EP
    by Tongue Helmet
  25. Dirty South Swamp Thing EP
    by Tribe One
  26. This Man... This Emcee!
    by Adam WarRock
  27. Rap Dad, Real Dad
    by The Library Steps
  28. The Singles 2010-2012
    by Adam WarRock
  29. Dusty Delights Vol. 1
    by DJ RX-78
  30. The Octagon
    by Swamp Thing & Ghettosocks
  31. and the God Damned Friend Killers
    by Coolzey
  32. He Whom The Beat Sets Free Is Free Indeed
    by The Mighty Rhino
  33. Friendraiser
    by Schaffer the Darklord & Friends
  34. Point Pleasant
    by Brock Berrigan
  35. If It Rhymes It's Real
    by Wordburglar
  36. Hold Person
    by Schaffer, Riley, and the Double Ice Backfire
  37. Linden Place EP
    by Mars Argo
  38. MM...Food
    by MF DOOM
  39. Bookhead EP
    by JJ DOOM
  40. Kilzey
    by Coolzey & Fresh Kils
  41. Beta
    by The Robot Knights
  42. The Final Odyssey
    by Sinitus Tempo
  43. Ramona
    by Sinitus Tempo
  44. X
    by Sinitus Tempo
  45. Hivemind
    by Teenburger