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  2. Electronic
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    by Electric Seagulls
  2. After Dark
    by Essenger
  3. Crystal Universe
    by Cenit85
  4. griefling
    by Essenger
  5. MicroFreak Collection Vol.I
    by Electric Seagulls
  6. Distortions (single)
    by World Complete
  7. Ascension (single)
    by World Complete
  8. Exodus
    by A New Hope
  9. Blue and Yellow
    by Solidarity
  10. Exploration Unlimited
    by BETTOGH
    This track is chaotic perfection, if I were dashing through a war zone over a planet on fire from war in my starship- narrowly avoiding laser fire, this would be the song playing in my cockpit! Real in your face drums, retro dance rhythm, epic guitars! Such remarkable synthwork Bettogh! 10/10 💫
  11. Singularity
    by Neon.Deflector
    Singularity really takes me away to a far away place, alone in a wasteland. The atmosphere it has is truly a craft very few can create. beautiful melodies and captivating synths. You can tell that every sound had been carefully designed to give us a true space adventure! Amazing work my friend! 👍🏼💫
  12. feelin' jazzed
    by Thorisson
  13. Sentimental Underground
    by Stormahawk
  14. Into The Blue
    by Stormahawk
    by Toadofsky
  16. 恋人たちは天国に昇る
    by Mick Rudry
  17. Divine Virus (Single)
    by Essenger
  18. The First Voyage
    by RAN
  19. The Parasite
    by LV-380
    by Electric Seagulls