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  1. The Observer
    by Artificial Language
    Observer Observer
  2. In No Man's Memory
    by Proliferhate
    Apologia Di Un Povero Diavolo, Part.1 Apologia Di Un Povero Diavolo, Part.1
  3. Woven In Light
    by The Fine Constant
    Resurgent Resurgent
  4. A Year With No Summer
    by Obsidian Kingdom
    A Year With No Summer A Year With No Summer
  5. Timelessness
    by SERDCE
    Loss of Feelings or Feeling of Loss Loss of Feelings or Feeling of Loss
    Amazing piece of work, runs the gamut of musical expression, brings you on a journey and surprises you at each twist and turn. Progressive, dark , haunting and hammering at the same time. The technique of Dream Theater and Cynic with unbelievable soul that either of those acts would kill to have. Thank you so much for making this
  6. Timelessness
    by SERDCE
    Unique Path Unique Path
  7. Torn & Burnt
    by Obsidian Kingdom
    The Nurse (Larvae Remix) The Nurse (Larvae Remix)
    A dark reimagining of one of 2012s top albums with a heavy electronic vibe, best enjoyed in silence, eyes closed, with a glass of whisky in hand.

    As this is a remix album, it doesn't have the overall coherence of the source material (the stunning Mantiis) but each track is a delight, from the slow droning "Last of the Light" to the more melodic and progressive "The Nurse". This album isn't one to put on in the background, it's one to be appreciated softly and slowly, just like that fine whisky
  8. Mantiis
    by Obsidian Kingdom
    Last of the Light Last of the Light
    This album is a piece of art, and I can't believe that I found it on bandcamp as opposed to amazon and I can't wait for my physical copy to arrive.

    Mantiis defies genre, but it definitely lies on the darker end of the spectrum with heavy black and death influences. Shades of Arcturus, Leprous, Emperor, as well as some 70s prog rock to keep things interesting.

    I'll be listening to this for years, thank you guys!
  9. The Incredible Mediocracy
    by Bad Uncle
    Los Lamora Los Lamora
    Amazing mix of blues, folk, whiskey, circus acts, and good times :)
  10. Reborn
    by Mechanical Black
    In My Head In My Head