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  1. Echoes From A Mass
    by Greenleaf
    Favorite track: A Hand of Might
  2. Unraveled
    by Confessor
  3. Seven Metal Mountains
    by John Johanna
  4. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
    by Primordial
  5. Foundation Ska
    by Skatalites
  6. Below the Eternal Sky
    by Six Months Of Sun
  7. Lodo
    by Lodo
  8. Folkesange
    by Myrkur
    Ella Ella
    Difficult to choose a favorite track as this album is sublime from start to finish with its finely and beautifully chiseled Nordic folk tales. All those songs are awe-inspiring. Amalie Bruun's voice is both beautiful and powerful. A flawless album down to the cover which set the tone for the album: A ford on a summer day, and a young girl surrounded by wildflowers and innocently walking bare feet in the grass. I am enthralled!
  9. Adventures in Afropea
    by Zap Mama Official
  10. 7
    by Zap Mama Official
  11. A Ma Zone
    by Zap Mama Official
  12. Far Out
    by Black Bombaim
    Africa II, when - for the best - Afrobeat meets punk rock and stoner rock. These are tribal and ancestral rhythms coupled with an heavy electric guitar: a punk-stoner rock version of Santana. A trance like experience and a pulsating beat. I cannot believe what I am experiencing! Arabia is a place in hyperspace with landing destination in Noachis Terra. Hovering now over Mars desert landscapes, I just saw a tuareg playing krakebs. Far out!
  13. Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann
    by Black Bombaim
  14. Fuzz på svenska
    by Kungens Män
  15. CHEF
    by Kungens Män
    Fyrkantig böjelse Fyrkantig böjelse
    From the first few notes up until the end, this album is full of trance inducing acid jam. Who need hallucinogenic drugs to reset his or her mind, when the music itself is the psychoactive agent? Just by listening to it, you will be transported to places you would have not even dreamt of. But isn't it what psychedelic rock is all about? In this album, Kungens Män offers the best psychedelic rock experience one can imagine. Enjoy!
  16. Nitrogen
    by Mantra Machine
  17. Hydrogen
    by Mantra Machine
    Beautiful epic space travel!
  18. Heliosphere
    by Mantra Machine
    Atmos Atmos
    Fuzzy, epic and atmospheric grooves, Mantra Machine will have your head travelling high. I already loved Nitrogen and I owned Hydrogen as a single. I knew I would not be disappointed, but this album goes beyond my expectation. It is full of positive and mesmerizing energy. No bad trip, no anger. But rather trance, dance and meditation.
  19. The Budos Band V
    by The Budos Band
    Old Engine Oil Old Engine Oil
    Fela Kuti with some stoner rock vibes, how can it get any better! This album has us travelling some uncharted territory. The raw sounding guitar in Old Engine Oil is reminiscent of the early Detroit rock sound. In other places, it appears as if some 70’s hard rock band is having an intercourse with a brass band. Ghost Talk feels like a caravan in the Arabian desert and Arcane Rambler will lead you on a jazzy space odyssey. And these are only a few pearls in this jewel of an album!
    Dangerously psychedelic and heavy! There are some lysergically dark vibes to that album. Just relax, don't be overcome by fear, and you'll enjoy the trip!