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David Wight

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  1. Sean Conly/Michael Attias/Tom Rainey, Live at the Bushwick Series
    by gaucimusic
  2. Stephen Gauci/Adam Lane/Kevin Shea, Studio Sessions, Vol.2
    by gaucimusic
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Cooper Moore/Stephen Gauci, Studio Sessions Vol. 1
    by gaucimusic
  4. Quartet (New Haven) 2014
    by Anthony Braxton
  5. Antioch
    by Frode Gjerstad, Kevin Norton & Paul Rogers
  6. In Side
    by Bennani, Duboc & Lasserre
  7. Secondary Deviations
    by Jacob William Quartet
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Frippe’s Protocol
    by Bengt Frippe Nordström
  9. Williamsburg Sessions II
    by Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. The Last Dances
    by Anders Gahnold, William Parker & Hamid Drake
  11. The Flow
    by Joe Morris / Louie Belogenis / Charles Downs
  12. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    by Exploding Customer
  13. To The Moon
    by Jean-Marc Foltz, Matt Turner & Bill Carrothers
  14. Places
    by Gallio/Girod/Ulrich
  15. Live at the Bowery Poetry Club
    by Steve Swell’s Nation Of We
  16. The Great Bydgoszcz Concert
    by Dennis González Yells At Eels + Rodrigo Amado
  17. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    by Anders Gahnold Trio
  18. A Sound Sight
    by Frode Gjerstad Trio
  19. Tower, vol.2
    by Marc Ducret
  20. Brotherly Love In Philadelphia
    by Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Trio
  21. This Is The Music Of Life
    by Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut
  22. Live at Crescendo
    by By Any Means (Ali/Gayle/Parker)
  23. Allemansratten
    by Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut
    appears in 1 other collection
  24. Finally! Total Unity In 3 Phases
    by Luther Thomas
    appears in 1 other collection
  25. Live at Glenn Miller Café
    by Martin Küchen Trio
  26. Ruins
    by Chris Speed & Zeno De Rossi
  27. Really OK
    by Chris Speed Trio
  28. The Invisible Trio
    by Max Johnson Trio
  29. Anguis Oleum
    by Snakeoil
  30. Solo / Midtown NYC 2001
    by Brandon Evans
  31. Solo Saxophone - TMC
    by Brandon Evans
  32. The Ever-Evaporating Sea Of Heironymous Eclipticus
    by Brandon Evans, Harris Eisenstadt
  33. Brandon Evans / Andre Vida / Tim Terhune / Stix Donnelly [NYC 1999]
    by Brandon Evans
  34. 12 Celestial Cycles [OCTET] 1995
    by Brandon Evans
  35. Brandon Evans Quartet 1995 Live Radio Valencia San Francisco
    by Brandon Evans
  36. Harbors 2014
    by Brandon Evans
  37. Sonny Simmons / Brandon Evans - Renegade Society NYC 2002 (remastered)
    by Brandon Evans
  38. Brandon Evans - solo tenor saxophone - Brussels, Belgium Oct. 20th, 1999
    by Brandon Evans
  39. Two Compositions for Chamber Orchestra 1998
    by Brandon Evans
  40. Anthony Braxton / Brandon Evans – Composition n. 249
    by Anthony Braxton / Brandon Evans
  41. Daniel Carter / Brandon Evans / Andre Vida (2 improvisations) NYC 1996
    by Brandon Evans
  42. Blue Book (Trio NYC 1995) Brandon Evans / Chris Matthay / David Shields
    by Brandon Evans
  43. Brandon Evans - clarinet sessions (1998)
    by Brandon Evans
  44. Recurring Moons Quartet 1996 -1997 (remastered+bonus tracks) feat. Chris Matthay, Taylor Ho Bynum, Catherine Bent, George Cremaschi, Kevin Norton
    by Brandon Evans
  45. Brandon Evans – Elliptical Axis 7 - Quintet NYC 1998 – featuring Chris Matthay, Jackson Moore, Seth Misterka, Kevin Norton
    by Brandon Evans