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David Rotenburger

  1. Surrey, British Columbia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Earlier Sunsets
    by Chill Nights 89
    Earlier Sunsets Earlier Sunsets
    Departures Departures
    Long awaited new material from Canadian retrowave legend LONDON LAZERS is epic and wonderfully uplifting as always before! I hope you are back for good, man!!!
  3. Afterglow
    Afterglow Afterglow
  4. Cindisoft: Blue Sky Girl Vol II
    by Manhatten
    Keep Faith Keep Faith
  5. Cyber Storm
    by VIDEO8
    Wavelength Wavelength
    Electrifying and awesome new album by VIDEO8 is a pure retro 80's extravaganza! This really hit the spot!
  6. Luxury
    by SelloRekt LA Dreams
    Back to You Back to You
  7. Dreams
    by Fantom '87
  8. Cosmic
    by FM Attack
    Timeless Timeless
    Extraordinary and exceptional masterpiece by synthwave guru FM Attack! He is definitely at his best here! I am happy to support this amazing local artist and consider myself very fortunate to have met him in person as well as seeing him perform live!!!
  9. Cruising Together
    by Synthasyzor
    I have gone to Retrowave Heaven with this amazing track! So euphoric and uplifting, this beautiful tune takes me right back to 1982 which is exactly where I want to be! Synthasyzor rocks!!!
  10. S/T
    by Polar Baron
    Torus Torus
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. You & Me = Forever
    by Zak Vortex
    Better Times Better Times
  12. Momentum
    by Sellorekt/LA Dreams
    Cross Your Mind Cross Your Mind
    I am floored by this! I consider this to be the greatest album ever released by Sellorekt/LA Dreams! There is nothing else quite like it.......a whole new world of retrowave and 80's love has just been created! This album has had a very profound affect on my emotions! It will be very difficult to surpass this creation!!!!
  13. tropics
    by midnight première
    southbeach southbeach
  14. LEO
    by Volt Age
  15. Starcrash
    by Stilz
    Light Years Light Years
  16. Pillars
    by Time Strider
    Dreamcatcher (Time Strider, Midnight Fury) Dreamcatcher (Time Strider, Midnight Fury)
  17. Beneath Waves (LP)
    by Slvmber
    Laguna Confidential Laguna Confidential
    Absolutely brilliant and very unique synthwave here! It's hard to believe this exceptional album was not already a part of my collection!
  18. Auto Cruise
    by Garth Knight
    Dusk Dusk
    Brilliant and magnificent new album by Garth Knight is a return to greatness!
  19. KITT
    by Garth Knight
    Systematic Systematic
    This is my favorite of Garth Knight's albums! It contains his best tracks and such wonderful diversity too. On here you will find synthwave, retrowave, techno, house and a fair amount of disco to fulfill all your dance desires! I love it so much and consider myself honored and blessed to own the complete Garth Knight collection! Now all he needs is a female vocalist named Adrienne Margeaux.......Get it?
  20. KARR
    by Garth Knight
    Dance With Me Dance With Me