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  1. Surrey, British Columbia
  2. Electronic
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    by Mr. Moustache
    Outlander Outlander
    Funky and fresh new tunes to get you in a great mood for some serious fun! If you were to mix Robots With Rayguns with Droid Bishop, this is what the end result would likely be. Mr. Moustache rocks!
  2. Le Mans
    by Mr. Moustache
    Part disco, part synthwave, part house and all awesome!
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  3. 2086
    by ThrObak
    Coastline Coastline
  4. Cop Movie
    by Last Action Hero
    Heart Of Gold (Feat. Shadow Box) Heart Of Gold (Feat. Shadow Box)
  5. Neon City
    by Stan DuClare
    Makoto Makoto
    Beautiful and dreamy retrowave that is your wonderful escape from the pain of reality! This music came straight from the heart and was created with more passion and love than most people will ever know!
  6. Zotex
    by Rob Di Voss
    Zotex Zotex
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  7. Summer 1986
    by The Crow
    Summer '86 Summer '86
  8. Degoas Connection (homenaje a Norbert Degoas)
    by Frank Redux
  9. Morning Breeze
    by Frank Redux
    So motivating is this wondrous track of uplifting retrowave! It truly inspires me and gives me energy and hope for a better future!
  10. Deadline
    by PolarisRadio
    Remember (feat. Aidan Verity) Remember (feat. Aidan Verity)
    This is the most fascinating and unique blend of synthwave and rock I have ever heard! Tremendous effort has been put into this release, and I am utterly blown away by it!
  11. September Visions
    80s City Bay 80s City Bay
    Anyone who has a deep longing for the 80's to return, should definitely buy this extraordinary and epic album! The fun and the joy as well as all the love of that decade is greatly needed to be here in these current times. CARLIGHTS is like this ultimate retro guru who is doing his best through his amazing music to give this to us, and in my opinion is not only a very great musician, but a hero! The world today is in dire trouble, and we really need CARLIGHTS and the positivity he promotes!
  12. Tender Kiss
    by jake the kid
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  13. Gravity
    by jake the kid
  14. lone drive
    by jake the kid
    Another priceless masterpiece by Jake the Kid! It takes you deep into the retro synth realm via the highway of nostalgia!
  15. star-crossed
    by jake the kid
    Unbelievably amazing debut track by Jake the Kid! He is a genius and has a supreme talent for producing top of the line retrowave! I do hope a full length album is in the works!
  16. So Long Ago [EP]
    by Night Habits
    Walk Alone At Night Walk Alone At Night
    Haunting and very beautiful dreamwave that makes all the good memories of the past return! Thoughts and dreams of a distant but very much loved era are endless when wonderful music like this is playing!
  17. Lost Formats EP
    by The Crow
    Betamax Betamax
  18. Nostalgia
    by AWITW
    The Beauty Of The Past The Beauty Of The Past
    The immense beauty of this album is beyond comprehension! Best of the best of the best dreamwave/retrowave albums ever produced!!! AWITW is one of the most brilliant men in the world with his music and his philosophies! We absolutely must bring back the joy and the fun of the past to this present era if we are to make the world a better place to live in!
  19. Glassy Box
    by Andy Fox
    Psycho (feat. Linda) Psycho (feat. Linda)
    Phenomenal release by Andy Fox is so incredibly good, smooth and tons of blissful fun! The mixture of synthwave and disco are the perfect formula here, plus outstanding vocals by Linda and Ramona which are so seductive and captivating! This is some serious ear candy!!!
  20. Invader
    by Stilz