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  1. Kätkyt
    by Vermilia
    Vedestä Vieraantunut Vedestä Vieraantunut
  2. svartmálm
  3. Wounds
    Wounds Wounds
  4. Cosmic Doom Ritual
    by Hexer
  5. AOR023 - RAGANA - Wash Away LP
    by RAGANA
  6. CRVEL- Sombras.
    by CRVEL
    Recuerdos. Recuerdos.
  7. ligeti ligotti
    by Indice de Inviernos
    La era del vacío La era del vacío
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Demo
    by Cruz de Navajas
  9. Tumefactum (Demo)
    by Tumefactum
    Nadie Nadie
  10. Rationale Arbeitsschritte
    by Crystal Soda Cream
    Eyeline Statues Eyeline Statues
  11. The Concrete Vagina
    by Klam
    Black Labia Minora Black Labia Minora
  12. Begun
    by UN
    Soul Converter Soul Converter
  13. Det ska se ut som slutet LP
    by Diskoteket
  14. Mental Signals
    by Mental Signals
    Murders Murders
  15. Laurel y Mercurio
    by Paralelo
  16. All Is Fair In Love And War LP
    by Bleib Modern
  17. Teeth & Tails
    by Monument
  18. Modern Idea
    by The Agnes Circle
  19. Demos & Outtakes
    by L'obscurité
  20. Demo
    by AUBE
    Les enfants du neant Les enfants du neant
  21. Self-titled 45 LP
    by Haldol
    Time Is Not on Our Side Time Is Not on Our Side
  22. Transparent EP
    by Metro Cult
    Straylight Straylight
  23. Satsuma
    by Satsuma
    Adrift Adrift
  24. So Alone / We Want Blood
    by Les Modules Etranges
    We Want Blood We Want Blood
  25. Sanddyner av glas
    by Hemgraven
    Ett annat sätt att leva Ett annat sätt att leva
  26. Let's Peter Out
    by Various Artists
    Apathy Apathy
  27. Afeita al perro
    by Sudores de Muerte
    appears in 1 other collection
  28. Angoscia-Rock
    by Kalashnikov collective
  29. "Cliché"
    by Mémoires D'Automne
  30. Death Mask/Funeral Eyes 7"
    by Bat Nouveau
  31. SILENT SCREAM - Public Execution LP
    by Pain of Mind Records
    Fiction Fiction
  33. Assimilation
    by Underpass
    Stranger Stranger
  34. Drag EP
    by NO/NO
    Mistakes Mistakes
  35. Þú skuldar mér að vera sexý
    by Börn
  36. White Bats EP
    by White Bats
    Last Night On Earth Last Night On Earth
  37. Ceiling 12"
    by Loomer
  38. pride is your consolation prize
    by Kalte Lust
  39. Weak Artifact (CS)
    by Negation
    I Deserve an Explanation I Deserve an Explanation
  40. TCR 021 - Consent (LP)
    by Lié
    Success Success
  41. Split
    by Autonomy/No Sir I Won't
  42. Ashes to Ashes
    by Autonomy
    appears in 1 other collection
  43. Ferox
    by Internal Autonomy
  44. Masters
    by lié
  45. Wasted Time EP
    by Blessure Grave