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David Marteney

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  1. Malignant Reality (Dissonant Death Metal)
  2. Defacement
  3. Deconsecrate
    by Ænigmatum
  4. Ghost Dust
    by All Life Dies
  5. Secrypts Of The Egochasm
    by Vaelmyst
  6. Darwin Falls
    by Fawn Limbs
  7. The Consumed Self
    by Burial In The Sky
  8. Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here
    by Anaal Nathrakh
  9. When Fire Rains Down from the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has Sown
    by Anaal Nathrakh
  10. Self Loather
    by Ghost Bath
    So psyched for this album. Can't wait!
  11. S o p h i s t i S u r f II
  12. Night Mode
    by Digital Sex
  13. Opulence
    by Nick Krueger
  14. CLG J02182–05102
    by Mesarthim
  15. World of Sorrows
    by Dungeon Serpent
  16. O'discordia
    by w i n t e r q u i l t
  17. Express
    by Mick Rudry
  18. new low
    by nightlife
  19. Planet Silver Screen
    by Four Stroke Baron
  20. Duvel
    by duvel