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  1. The Re-Stoned "Totems"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    Fire Bear Fire Bear
  2. Imma
    by N-1
    Signature (ob de wills oda nech) Signature (ob de wills oda nech)
  3. Triosophy
    by Red Sun
    The Morning Light The Morning Light
  4. Sehnsucht "Wachstum"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    Wachstum Wachstum
    I have to say I agree strongly with DJL68
  5. Stundum
    by Papir
    Monday Monday
  6. From Scratch
    by Taylor's Universe
    Other Meetings Other Meetings
  7. Entering into the Space Country
    by Øresund Space Collective
    Born between Stars Born between Stars
  8. Vocokesh - Electric Indian Blues
    by PPFNP
    Electric Indian Blues Electric Indian Blues
  9. Jam with Dave #1
    by The Sonic Shamen
    Part One Part One
    I agree with Karl. I am addicted to these type of long Space jams. An hour later I feel I have been listening to one long trip tru musical space. Groovy. It Flows dudes!
  10. Live Spring 2017
    by Zone Six
    Touch Down Heidi Touch Down Heidi
    My Favorite Z.S. was Any Noise is Intended. This recording would go with that. Jamming at a High level of Techno - Jazz. No - well you all listen and pin it down to words. this is stuff you feel.
  11. Icicles
    by Low Sun
    These guys are great a composition. would go great with Domo by Domo, Sum Mamuth, etc. Heavy but not always from mood to mood. An instrumental master piece. See if you agree!
  12. Magnetosphere
    by Brain Pyramid
    Magnetosphere Magnetosphere
  13. Hills - Uncollected Sounds
    by Cardinal Fuzz Shop
    Death Will Find A Way (Live) Death Will Find A Way (Live)
    Changes a few times, the flute does show up. Not just the heavy trio stuff. Try it out!
  14. F/i - The Itinerant Lanternist LP
    by PPFNP
    Fade To Orange Fade To Orange
    I really get hooked on F/I rhythms. Perhaps someone could it better.
    Goes well with Achim Reichel of the 70's.
  15. Sulatron Records Label Night (Cellar Space Live Overdose in Fulda - live)
    by Electric Moon
    Triptriptrip Triptriptrip
    I purchased this one mostly due to Trip Trip Trip is my favorite.
  16. Like Lovers Do
    by N-1
    Lovexette Lovexette
    This is different from many of their other recordings. the use of instruments, slow moody tunes. not just the power bass trio stuff.
  17. The Re-Stoned "Revealed Gravitation"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    The Mountain Giant The Mountain Giant
  19. Papir
    by Papir
    kurl te pow ralise kurl te pow ralise
    Yep, good Papir stuff. Well, if there is another recording that is not tied to their other label perhaps they will make them available here as well.Goes well with Causa Sui, another band not on Bandcamp.
  20. Lust Auf Premium
    by N-1
    Yolo River Plays Yolo River Plays
    Not way out there, yet, a challenge to the even the wide standards of today. Great selection of sounds / music and when to add and subtract. Really Neat!
  21. Die Neuen Welten
    by Hedersleben
    Zu Den Neuen Welten Zu Den Neuen Welten
    I enjoy the composition. Great Selection of items and how the move from one section to the next.
    The addition of using acoustic items, the piano is great. When the piano comes it adds a cool touch.
  22. A Generation Lost In Space
    by Hinkstep
    Like A Mirror Like A Mirror
    I agree - This is a great mix of Tech / ( past and present )- It is a true Fusion well composed - This is it!
  23. Chaotic Wavemaker
    by Electric Octopus
    Chaotic Wavemaker Chaotic Wavemaker
    I do not mean to be over - about a group - however - if you enjoyed 'em before You will Again!
  24. Behind The Gate
    by Space Debris
    New Rag (r2d2-version) New Rag (r2d2-version)
    What can you day. I say one of the best Jazz ( or fusion or prog ) you can find for years. This one is really hot!
  25. Symbiosis
    by Hidria Spacefolk
    Terra Hidria Terra Hidria
    Yeah - reminds me of the 80's. Good solid instrumental compositions, not every track is the same. Good use of different types of instruments.
  26. Schizofrenia
    by Taste Of Blues
    Schizofrenia Schizofrenia
    I get really hooked on the main track. Which must of been recorded at different time from the other material. Great Traveling music!
  27. Smokyhead
    by Electric Octopus
    Smokyhead Smokyhead
    I have listened and it is a groove baaaby. This has feeeeling it has - did I say - lower your tone and say - groooouve. Yeah.
  28. Domo
    by Domo
    Nadi Nadi
  29. Cosmo
    by Sun Mammuth
    Cosmo Cosmo
    This is on the top of my list. More composition than most more varie than most.
  30. Visions of ...
    by Øresund Space Collective
    Visions of ... Visions of ...
    A Jazzy Sound for OSC.

    Not just Jazzy - Funk-eee. A heavy moving Bass - the Organ B Hammond sound on the keys - a drum that moves it forward -
    Dr. SPACE - Yeah!
  31. Colour Atlas
    by Electric Octopus
    again, great Jazz, why Great, innovative, not an experiment but a show case of not only the sill of the musicians, this is a show case of their ability to compose and crate a exciting feeling as the flow of the music from begin to end. Great to play with Trigon and Dasputnik and OSC.
  32. This Is Our Culture
    by Electric Octopus
    Absent Minded Driving Absent Minded Driving
    This is true Jazz. Three guys go to the studio and Jes play. The guitar is nice n clear the rest leads and makes the transitions. Not loud not soft, that the way I like it. This is good with the Trigon stuff.
  33. Reptiles Return
    by The Re-Stoned
    Return Return
    good Heavy stuff from the Russian Fed. Groovy.
  34. The Cosmic Nod E.P.
    by The Cosmic Nod
    Black Rubber Black Rubber
    Just a real Groooove! Wild and loud and fast. Yeah!
  35. Soap Bar Pick-Up Joint
    by Mother Mars
    More groovey sounds should go with this cosmic Nod I just brought.
    appears in 1 other collection
  36. EP
    by Red Spektor
    Hard to Please Hard to Please
    This is that contemporary Jimi Hendriz Jazz. OK, sorry for the comparison. So many of these guys can play, however this one does make you think of that sort of Jimi Jamming in short tunes. Now look at my reviews, I so seldom use - Great Stuff. It trips me man!
  37. Drie
    by The Machine
    First Unique Prime First Unique Prime
    This may be my fav. of the Machine recordings. Good Sound.
    I have Offblast on CD.
  38. Meta
    by Obscure Paths
    Meta Meta
    I love the mix of acoustic and electric.
    I think this band will continue to develop new styles - I will continue to follow them.
  39. Obscure Paths in the Light
    by Obscure Paths
    Entrance Entrance
    I love how they bring in a piano at with great timing to follow the electric.
  40. Nipios
    by Obscure Paths
    Plastic Plastic
    I like the tones, the build up to the flow, good guitar without over powering.
    It is subtle - good guitar flows and bass backing etc. this is music I could listen driving reading working good to help motive the thoughts.
    appears in 1 other collection
  41. Cosmic Sessions
    by black voodoo train
    Cosmic Interlude 1 Cosmic Interlude 1
  42. Captives of the Void
    by Captives of the Void
    Ring around the Sun Ring around the Sun
  43. Archimedes Waffen
    by Dunst
    Agathe & Saturnia Agathe & Saturnia
  44. Beyond the Hollow Mountain
    by Sulfur Giant
    Beyond the Hollow Mountain Beyond the Hollow Mountain
  45. El Diablo
    by El Diablo
    Huautla Huautla
    this is great psych - Jazz !!! goes well with Cosmic debries, Dasputnik, OSC,.