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  1. Veneriska värld
    by Pung Floyd
    Var mer pervers Var mer pervers
  2. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
    I Am The Hammer I Am The Hammer
  3. SECT
    by SECT
    Curfew Curfew
  4. Illusions of Dominance
    by Bitter End
    Power And Control Power And Control
  5. Varg & Björn
    by Murg
    Nejderna brinner Nejderna brinner
  6. Keep Rising
    by Keep Rising
    Fatecrusher Fatecrusher
    A little slice of the best time of 026 Hardcore. Intense and heartfelt aggression for Keepers Of The Faith and Runkers Of The Kuk alike!
  7. S/T 7"
    by GUILTY
    Hollow Path Hollow Path
    If this release had been followed by an album containing these songs, the ones from the demo and a couple more in the same vein it would have been the greatest swedish release of the decade.
    What about Ghost you say? GUILTY of being a poser I say!
  8. The Imperial Explorer
    by Ouijabeard
    III Necessary Evil III Necessary Evil
  9. split
    by Lesra
    what equality you liberal piece of shit? what equality you liberal piece of shit?
    Lesra has always been top notch metallic hardcore and keeps on delivering the goods just like a knife to the eye socket. Eraseds side of the split is surprisingly equal in its awesomeness. This makes me wanna go outside and reclaim the fucking streets, Bronson style!
  10. Demo 2013
    by Fearless
    026 026
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Demo 7"
    by GUILTY
    Mind Prison Mind Prison
    The most ripping crossover to be released in Europe, ever. If you are the slightest bit hardcore or even remotely metal you shouldn't be able to get past the intro without moshing someone or yourself straight in the face