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  1. POV
    by Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader with Steve Roach
  2. At The Edge Of Everything
    by Steve Roach
  3. Painting In The Dark
    by Steve Roach
  4. Atmosphere for Dreaming
    by Steve Roach
  5. POV2 : The Case For Square Waves While Searching For Happy Accidents
    by Peter Grenader, Steve Roach, Miles Richmond
  6. Spellbound!
    by DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ
    You Might Be Surprised To Find Yourself Singing It Right Now You Might Be Surprised To Find Yourself Singing It Right Now
  7. BORGATA BOREDOM - Music And Noises From Roma Est
  8. My Little Drony
    by Dirty Knobs
  9. La Tortue Diabolique
    by Dirty Knobs
  10. I want to live inside the Sun.
    by Dirty Knobs
  11. Zoe Keating - Escape Artist (Dirty Knobs Remix)
    by Dirty Knobs
  12. The Drone and the Use of the Drone
    by Dirty Knobs
  13. Live at Drone Not Drones 2 8 14
    by Dirty Knobs
  14. Higgs Boson
    by Dirty Knobs
  15. Descent Ascent Dissolution - Live at Homegrown 2014
    by Dirty Knobs
  16. M E A T S P L I T
    by Convivial Cannibal Clan / Natihil
  17. Cobain Blues EP
    by ƆƆƆ
  18. Number 36½ (Tandem Tapes)
    by Convivial Cannibal Clan
  19. The E.P.'s Of C.C.
    by Convivial Cannibal Clan
  20. Death Dubitabilis
    by Convivial Cannibal Clan