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David Ankers

  1. Plymouth, UK
  2. Acoustic
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  1. One by One ep
    by Albert Jones
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    At The Same Time At The Same Time
    Another member of AlBenAza, another cracking artist. This EP is another perfect example of stripped back pop carried out to perfection. The space is the lead track is enticing; and the melody suits it perfectly. Reminds me of another adopted Plymouthian, Tom Van Eker in places. Perhaps there's something in the water. If there is, I need a barrel load more of it. Great stuff.
  2. Tonight, We All Swim Free
    by Martin Callingham
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    Hare on the Hill Hare on the Hill
    I've never heard an artist that can sing so quietly and softly and yet make such an impact with his melodies. Love Joyce the Librarian and this album takes off where that left off. I'd say this is a little more laid back; the musicality, instrumentation and melodies are distinct. Only annoying thing is it's impossible not to copy the style! Great stuff.
  3. Battles
    by Aaron Douglas
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    Ways to make you stay Ways to make you stay
    Aaron is such an authentic writer; you can feel the truth dripping through the melodies. Poor use of dripping I admit... Love Ways to Make You Stay. Works equally well as a rock song, or pop song with a catchy groove. Aaron is a great songwriter and performer and I'm looking forward to more of his shizzle.
  4. Life Giver.
    by Harry Harding
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    Life Giver Life Giver
    This really is a great EP... An acoustic-cornish-Dave Grohl; great songs, groove, melodies and vox... Love Life Giver, which is a really relaxing, direct and melodic pop song. Luverly.
  5. Beast EP
    by Lionface
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    Blue Heart Rate Blue Heart Rate
    Blue Heart Rate is so great... The chorus is fantastic. The video is really worth a watch too; it even goes a little Cradle of Filth at the end.
  6. How Lost Are We
    by Albert Jones
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    In The Water In The Water
    Right proper pop-folk to put a smile on your face. Production is awesome; full of space, full of energy. Great playing on the record, great songs.
  7. The Weight of the Line
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    When the Wood Comes Down When the Wood Comes Down
    Great precursor to the album. Lovely melodies, delivered wonderfully. Close harmonies, great playing. It's all so effortless; it's like they're hardly trying, but it sounds great.
  8. Needs Must
    by Albert Jones
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    The Promise The Promise
    Great set of songs from Albert. The Promise delivers as it promises live. Really great to hear some straight up pop-songs, stripped back and laid out to bear. Luverly jubbly.
  9. Run For Cover EP
    by Lionface
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    Incinerate Incinerate
    Great production, great songs. For me, Lionface lie somewhere between Soulwax and Little Dragon... But with an added gritty edge. Love it. Looking forward to an album!