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  1. Seconds & Forever
    by 36
    Seconds & Forever (Part 1) Seconds & Forever (Part 1)
    Life moves pretty fast.. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
  2. Indigo / Expanse
    by 36
    Expanse Expanse
    Two long, mellow, and celestial tracks to get immersed into another dimension.
  3. Void Dance (Remastered)
    by 36
  4. The Lower Lights
    by 36
  5. C45 Dreamloops 1-2
    by 36
    C45 Dreamloop 1 C45 Dreamloop 1
    Perfect for chilling. Very soothing.
  6. C45 Dreamloops 3-4
    by 36
    C45 Dreamloop 4 C45 Dreamloop 4
    A pleasure to the ears. Loved every minute.
  7. C45 Dreamloops 5-6
    by 36
    C45 Dreamloop 6 C45 Dreamloop 6
    Excellent like the other Dreamloops.
  8. Music For Isolation
    by 36
  9. Revisionist History (Compilation Works)
    by 36
  10. デジタル G L O W
    by Crystal Cola
    Luminous and dreamy ambient pop track with nostalgic synth pads that summon the 80's and 90's.
  11. Tapes #3-1
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
    Source Source
    Born too early to explore the Universe.. Born too late to explore the Earth.. Born just right to hear this epic collection.
  12. sunshine girl
    by A.L.I.S.O.N
    pink cloud days pink cloud days
  13. Shade
    by Alpiine
    Super Visual Super Visual
    This music is really something else.. It took me a few minutes to actually realise where I was.
  14. Task EP
    by Alpiine
  15. Windows
    by Alpiine
  16. Circles And Triangles
    by AlterSun
    I can say that 'Circles And Triangles' is an album full of 80's nostalgia and it's worth more than you think, so, let's give them a chance and let their music fill your ears with retro wonders!
  17. Dry land appears
    by AMUNOA
  18. From the Lake
    by Automatism
    Propeller Propulsion Propeller Propulsion
    Driving guitars, fondling drums, and meditative atmosphere.
    'From The Lake' definitely rejects structure in favor of a smooth music exploration and tasteful improvisations. It reminds me Pink Floyd's first works like Interstellar Overdrive.
  19. Vacation (feat. Robert Parker)
    by Betamaxx
  20. Magical brinq Tour
    by brinq
    Time To Say Goodbye-Eng.ver- Time To Say Goodbye-Eng.ver-
    Brinq have done a brilliant job with their debut album.
    Most of the tracks would be perfect for the dancefloor and parties.
    Go get 'Magical Brinq Tour' before it gets you!