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  1. I am sitting in a room. Archival Recordings 1969-2019
    by Alvin Lucier
  2. we have the window open at night
    by slugabed
  3. Pretty Eight Machine SE
    by Inverse Phase
  4. 55 Stories
    by Dj Mayonnaise
  5. The Barn
    by The Bongoloids
  6. Die Cuts [Instrumentals]
    by Cut Chemist
  7. audio abstract sound collage
    by Institute For Alien Research
  8. Miami Garden Club
    by kitty
  9. the kitchen table tape
    by d͢av͠er̢s̀
    ~secret fan club~ :o exclusive
  10. mindmelting metamixes 2018
    by d͢av͠er̢s̀
    ~secret fan club~ :o exclusive
  11. davers's's least grating hits
    by d͢av͠er̢s̀
  12. When they align just so, memories of another life bleed into my own
    by Ricky Eat Acid
    by chkdsk
  14. Lemniscate
    by Patric Catani & Chris Imler
  15. [Indistinct Chatter] Cabin Lights Off
    by Myles O'Reilly [Indistinct Chatter]
  16. Tombz EP
    by Tombz
  17. charm and mirror
    by kitty
  18. Small Guitar (SL11)
    by Jib Kidder
  19. Realistic Expectations
    by little-scale
  20. Pocket Selector
    by Dev/Null