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  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Punk
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  1. Ab Flex
    by Abdominal
  2. River Rats
    by Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott
  3. Long Legged Larry
    by Aesop Rock
  4. The Return Lp
    by Glad2Mecha & ILLTreats
  5. Can't Complain
    by Kill Lincoln
  6. Cut for Content
    by 4 Aspirin Morning
  7. Melee
    by Dogleg
  8. send it!
    by kinda alright
  9. Guilty Of Being White
    by Minor Threat
  10. Steppin' Stone
    by Minor Threat
  11. Status Quo
    by Behind Deadlines
  12. The Voice With a Built In Promise
    by The Siren Six!
  13. orion's belt (feat. riff raff)
    by kitty
  14. Hundred Grand to the Man
    by Original Sharks
  15. WORRY.
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  16. Ca$h Poor, Liquor Rich
    by 4 Aspirin Morning
  17. The Devil Never Comes
    by Molly Rhythm
  18. Collecting Dust Lp
    by Kista & Glad2Mecha
  19. The Passport Lp
    by Glad2Mecha & Friends