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  1. East Lansing, Michigan
  2. Classical
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    by Gabriel Kahane
  2. Presence of Absence - Oscar Bettison
    by Ensemble Klang with Michaela Riener & Matangi Quartet
  3. Idiom
    by Anna Webber
  4. Lost Coast
    by Gabriella Smith, Gabriel Cabezas
  5. Ghost Light
    by Akropolis Reed Quintet
  6. Dancer In Nowhere
    by Miho Hazama m_unit
  7. The Arching Path
    by Christopher Cerrone
  8. A Very 15/16 Christmas
    by Adam Neely
  9. Winter Chapel
    by Dana Jessen
  10. dynamics of vanishing bodies
    by Brendon Randall-Myers & Dither
  11. PROTO
    by Holly Herndon
  12. Clear Line
    by Jacob Garchik
  13. Mass for the Endangered
    by Sarah Kirkland Snider
  14. To Be Surrounded By Beautiful, Curious, Breathing, Laughing Flesh Is Enough
    by Deerhoof
  15. Is This ~Nois
    by ~Nois
  16. edges.
    by S[K]IES
  17. Anastassis Philippakopoulos: piano works
    by Melaine Dalibert
  18. Anonymous Man
    by Michael Gordon & The Crossing
  19. Both Are True
    by Webber/Morris Big Band
  20. Be Still
    by Dave Douglas Quintet