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  1. Arcanum
    by Niht
    The vitriol growled and spat from the depths of the vocalist’s (vocalists’?) soul here is truly astounding. Yet beyond the rage and hate lies a strongly melodic core; a powerful true heart that beats beneath the surface and refuses to be silenced. It’s odd, maybe, to describe a straight-ahead black metal album as “uplifting,” but that’s how this feels to me.
  2. Dönsum Í Logans Ljóma
    by Forsmán
    Powerful rage against the false prophets, the hypocrites, the seekers of the lie of heavenly salvation from the evils we commit against our fellow men. Tightly controlled musically, gutturally incanted, building an atmosphere of thick, swirling, spiteful malevolence. I feel the music rising, cresting, crashing like a wave against the shore, washing the listener clean with blackness. Listen and join in the quest to free our minds and spirits from all who would try to control them.
  3. Ladoga
    by Olhava
  4. Olhava
    by Olhava
  5. Ladoga
    by Olhava
  6. Frozen Bloom
    by Olhava
    Cold brings clarity: loss is what we make of it. That which blossoms most briefly is also often the most beautiful. The sunlight blinds me as the tears stream down my face.
  7. Keepers of the Fungal Order
    by Hideous Gomphidius
    Love the combination of dungeon synth and creepy dark ambient. Imagine the world from a mushroom’s point of view. Mycelial tendrils quest blindly through the thick loam, transforming filthy decay into golden soil. During the reproductive time, we lure the unwary with our tasty fruiting bodies, filled with wide-spreading spores. And sometimes we dust in a little of our inner essence, spiritual psychedelics that will take you on a wondrous journey—or kill you. All the same to us!
  8. Walking among unquiet trees
    by Goblintropp
    Lovely dungeon synth evocation of the darker spirits of the sylvan realm. Entering the darkened forest, I feel every sense awaken; my ears bristle at the slightest flutter in the tree-tops, and my nose wrinkles at the sweet-rot smell that stirs as I rustle through decades’ worth of fallen leaves. And I think I see movement in every shadow; tiny persons scurrying to and fro on unknown errands. Then one stops, turns, and stares me full in the face….
  9. The Nightmare at the Pond (bonus track)
    by Goblintropp
  10. The Last March of the Goblin Troop
    by Goblintropp
  11. Tunnels under the Forest
    by Goblintropp
  12. Death Velour
    by Ghastly
  13. Corporeal Torment
    by Anatomia
  14. Portals Volume I
    by Guild Of Lore
    I love the concept for these shared world compilations. Fen Walker’s track stood out to me for its epic yet lighthearted feel. Lurk’s contribution brings a nice combination of creepy and funky. Guild of Lore’s “Peace Be With You” remix showcases the quieter side of winter and the dancing of snowflakes in the sun. And Gondar’s “The Long Lodge” did a great job putting me in the mood for further adventures. Time to explore some of these portals for myself!
    Thick, sludgy, growling, ferocious off-kilter metal assault. The cast-off blood thrown into the swamp grows a new coat of flesh, and crawls forth to exact its revenge…. Inexorable, inescapable, enthralling. (And how can you not love an album that mentions trepanation!)
  16. Hädangången
    by Svältvinter
  17. The Realm Beyond
    by Lebensnacht
  18. Syksyn Kuoleminen (NP044)
    by Lebensnacht
  19. Bos
    by Ande
  20. VA. Nada Hitam #1 ( Black Metal )
    by Embek Ireng Indonesia
    I know very little about the Indonesian black metal scene, so I was very grateful to run across this excellent compilation. The whole thing has a nicely cohesive feel, with some great melodies and unique vocal and instrumental styles. I especially enjoyed the contributions by Anker, Black Ghost, Sungkem, Akheron, Kutenk, Nyatus, and Wong Alus.