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    by Devotion
    by Nu Era
    Metal Butterfly Metal Butterfly
    I only bought this for Metal Butterfly, which is a close as you can get to the beautiful sounds of late 80's Detroit Techno. Wonderful track, reminds me of Octave One, Neil Howard, Biorhythms etc. You will move your body!!
  4. Saturday Night Massacre
    by Live Skull
  5. Staminize
    by LT
    Staminize Staminize
    If you dig Kask, you'll love this. Immensely crystal clear beats with wafting synths....hmmmm...nice
  6. Water For The Town v.1
    by Various Artists
  7. downundaground
    by Various Artists
    Spartan Spartan
    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Jazz! Jazz! Jazz! This is a fantastic album. Please, just buy it, listen, and support a good cause. If this is anything to go by, there are some seriously great Artists down under, I will checking out more.....
  8. summers (deluxe version)
    by Akinyemi
    asylum asylum
    I can't believe this lad has only 12 (now 13) followers on bandcamp! This is a quality album. Akinyemi will either a) become a huge underground hip-hop act, b) become the first African-American steve jobs. Good luck to him! Standouts for me are 'asylum' with it's haunting vocals in the background, 'onetime' and 'stella brews'. Some really great ideas going on here - watch this guy - recommended!
  9. Plantain & Champagne (feat. Saffron Grace)
    by KinKai
    This is superb, properly deep down smooth and groovy. Saffron Grace co-vocals are delicious. KinKai represents! Mcr in full-effect...
  10. Nobody Knows Us
    by Anna Cordell
    Just fantastic, what a melody and voice! Uplifting and relaxing in equal measure.
  11. Pacific
    by Hotel Pools
    Seaglass Seaglass
    Any album that can musically transport you to an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific ocean, with crashing surf and swaying palms, has to be doing something right.
  12. Hotel Pools | Fall '18
    by Hotel Pools
    Phase Phase
    Well....what can you say, this is a gem. First three tracks sound like they are being played in the lift, then you come out into the foyer to the bliss of Eclipse, pass the pool and into breakfast with Phase...better and better with each listen, Thank you Hotel Pools.
  13. Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks EP
    by Dry Cleaning
    Jam After School Jam After School
    The first post-Brexit punk band. There, I said it, before the Observer Review. "Astonishing lyrics which characterise the banal consumer existance of the UK suburbs blah blah etc etc" Oh fuck off you...just listen!
  14. All For You
    by CRAC
  15. Cloud Highway
    by Tonebox
    Radium Radium
    Suuuuppperrrb luxurious velvety chocolate. One for all the vapourwave fans out there. Puurrfeecctt for the long-distance drive at night, past the neon wasteland...I bet Daft Punk are absolutely seething about this!
    Radium is just beautiful.
  16. Jdid
    by Acid Arab
    Club DZ Club DZ
    Utterly absorbing bonkers mental music, that sould be compulsory in mosques everywhere. How can anyone not be dancing AND smiling to this ace Arabic music? Top Quality. Club DZ - 1,2,3 Hey!!
  17. Jaromir Kaminski - Powoli
    by Jaromir Kaminski
    Słoń Słoń
    Where did Trip-Hop go? It took a car-ferry from Portsmouth and ended up in Gdansk, thankyou car ferry! The results are simply excelente. Cannot recommend this highly enough, a must buy
  18. A Question Of Time
    by Verb T
    When The Wind Changes When The Wind Changes
    This is excellent. Quit wasting time, and buy it. UK Hip Hop at it's very best. Makes you think...
  19. Mahur Club
    by Maral
    avesta khani reggaeton avesta khani reggaeton
    For those of you into reggaetón, you need to check out 'avesti khani..' what a tune! Bout'time we had more Middle Eastern sounds mixed up. There are some very good ideas here, Maral clearly has a box full of samples. The heavy bass is a bit much, but that's L.A.
  20. Pictures of Purple Skies
    by Memorex Memories
    Pictures of Purple Skies Pictures of Purple Skies
    Does exactly what it says on the cassette box. Leaves you with the sensation of travel, moments enjoyed, moments lost...Here comes the inflight entertainment...
  21. It's Very Sunny
    by Memorex Memories
    It's Very Sunny It's Very Sunny
    Very much remindful of Boards of Canada, that's no bad thing! I really like the slightly out-of-key C90 cassette playback sound. It's very sunny out...
  22. Small Sips
    by Maru
    Sunspot Sunspot
    Funny that this landed right at the end of Summer. Perfect sunny terrace music, or, listen while flying high over a patchwork landscape. Sunspot is just dreamyland. Cover was done on an amiga 32.
  23. The Midnight Remixed 02
    by The Midnight
    Collateral (Kobana Remix) Collateral (Kobana Remix)
    OK, this will not change the world. Definitely not one for Euro House Sceptics. Couple of good ones, Collateral and Tokyo Night Train (Clas Ohlsen remix), plus Lonely City from 03:00 on. What we have is a nice mish-mash of Vangelis, Way Out West and Berlin 90's techno updated for the Stranger Things brigade.
  24. Sweet Princess EP
    by Dry Cleaning
    Magic of Meghan Magic of Meghan
    A great idea this, instead of someone shouting at you, we have some acute observations read to you with a tight-arse punk soundtrack. Superb!
  25. Free Company
    by boy scouts
    Get Well Soon Get Well Soon
    I only heard the first track, and loved the voice and 'americana' sound. This is a cracking album to listen and enjoy, lovely voice, fabulously relaxing....
  26. Neon Impasse
    by City Girl
    Mist Beneath Your Apartment Mist Beneath Your Apartment
    Curl up with the latest edition of the 'Economist', pot of tea, and relax, as the soothing sounds of City Girl wash over you. Makes you wish you were wondering around Osaka at night....
  27. Reading Room
    by Diskette Park
    Select Select
    Flippin'heck! I only heard 'Select' and
    'Light Memory' and it was game on!
    Back with a vengeance, it is the heady wine of vapourwave...
  28. Atlantic Oscillations
    by Quantic
    September Blues September Blues
    Back in the 60's and 70's, there was a type of music you listened to at dinner parties called 'Easy Listening'. Well, this is the 2019 version of that. Nice string arrangements, non-intrusive, great for ironing, eating etc. Put it on at your next dinning event, I guarantee your guests will ask "What's this? It's got a good beat."
  29. All That Ever Could Have Been
    by MOLLY
    Vogelnest Vogelnest
    Basically reminds me of that shoe-gazing sound of the early 90's. So if that is not your thing, move on, move on!
    hall pass hall pass
    I bought this for two reasons; 1) the kid is wearing an Optimus Prime costume, 2) Hall Pass, which I could listen to on repeat forever. So, can we have a full-length version please?
  31. Chroma Velocity
    by City Girl
    Endless and Artificial Endless and Artificial
    Music that makes me think of Motoko Kusanagi of 'Ghost in the Shell" fame, walking in rain-drenched streets in a neon-lit high-tech city....
  32. Super Natural Delights
    by Sweatson Klank
    Moving Inward Moving Inward
    Great for doing the ironing!
  33. 我們從明天來 / We Come From Tomorrow
    by Melting Bridge 融化橋
    Teleport Teleport
    First track I thought, "oh no, hippies selling crystals". However, this is actually a really great background music. I've not chosen a favourite yet, but I liked teleport. Needs another listen very soon...
  34. We Can Move
    by Free Youth
    We can only imagine the super-group that could have been: Musical Youth and Free Youth. Alas, we have to manage with this gem instead.
  35. Transportation
    by YOD
    Loosey Spot On Wheels Loosey Spot On Wheels
    Thank the maker, Your Old Droog has come among us to save Hip Hop. Great beats, funny/sad/angry lyrics, superb mixing of old sounds and effects. Wet myself laughing over 'Loosey Spot on Wheels'. A must-buy album
  36. Elephant Road
    by FYI Chris
    I am so used to FYI Chris releasing great stuff, that when something a bit less than 100% turns up, I am seething.
    Underground Track is a nuisance, Special Names is boring. However....Morph is superb, deep, bubbling and mysterious. Daze is also a great tune. Those two are top, double AA rated...
  37. VWETO II
    by Georgia Anne Muldrow
    Wu Punk Wu Punk
    This is simply divine. I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of Georgia Anne. Lucky me, I can now go back and discover her back catalogue based on this super-tight album.
    Wu Punk is irresistible.
  38. SINNER | KDJ-48
    by Moodymann
    I'll Provide I'll Provide
    I heard 'I'll Provide' on Paralelo Tres, and suddenly remembered the last Moodyman EP I bought back in the 90's (Mahogany Brown). Looking forward to checking out the rest of this...
  39. DJ-Kicks (Moodymann)
    by Moodymann
    When My Anger Starts To Cry When My Anger Starts To Cry
    Unlike most DJ mixes, Moodyman plays what he likes, not what is in fashion or what goes with other tracks. This is exceptional, I've chosen When My Anger Beady Belle has a great voice, and it's a great sort of jazzy piece. However, there is an absolute banger on here: Lady Alma - BUY IT!!
  40. The Nothings of The North
    by Ametsub
    What a cracking album this is. I can't pick a favourite yet, I need to listen to it all the way through again. I put it on while reading, and it just feels so good in the background. Absolutely recommended
  41. #beachsoft
    by 1969年
    Floating~Palace Floating~Palace
    Some gems on here and a few duds, but Floating~Palace is a great re-hash of Ryan Paris (see opposite),
    Not finished listening to the full album, but it's definitely a grower..UPDATE - superb for making ironing disappear
  42. 5th Season
    by La Fine Equipe
    Maluca Maluca
    In one word: WOW!
    by Ryan Paris
    Dolce Vita single Dolce Vita single
    I can't believe it. After listening to 1969's vapourwave version, here's the original master! Such a simple song, that never fails to put a smile on your face. Where did I park the Renault Fuego?
  44. Helltown
    by Electric Citizen
    Heart Attack Heart Attack
    Waiter! Can I have the Hawkwind salad, Sabbath steak, followed by the Deep Purple in Rock, with the cream of astonishing vocals please?
  45. Hotline Miami II EP (Deluxe Edition)
    by Das mörtal
    Admiring You Through The Blinds Admiring You Through The Blinds
    If your not moving your arms and hips to 'Admiring You Through the Blinds', then you should see a doctor immediately.