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  2. Rock
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  1. Love & Decay
    by Spotlights
  2. Seismic
    by Spotlights
  3. Rarities, B-sides, Live and Compilation Tracks
    by Riddle of Steel
  4. Not a Dreamer
    by Big Jesus
  5. Could Haves (Live EP)
    by Lausch
  6. Tomorrow Never Knows
    by Big Jesus
  7. Gold Forever (single)
    by Big Jesus
  8. Kiss The Ring (feat. Allen Epley of The Life and Times)
    by Spotlights
  9. Our Raw Heart
    by YOB
  10. Down Gown
    by Down Gown
  11. Light The Way
    by NORTH
  12. Transmissions: Live In Bucharest
    by NORTH
  13. Devoured
    by Amarok
  14. errorzone
    by Vein
  15. They Must Be Destroyed
    by Fake Figures
  16. Hole In The Sky
    by Fake Figures
  17. Quiet Men
    by Lausch
  18. Glass Bones
    by Lausch
  19. Best of James Marshall Hendrix
    by Various Artists
  20. Electric Ladyland [Redux]
    by Various Artists
  21. Meantime [Redux] I Deluxe Edition
    by Various Artists
  22. Atheistʼs Cornea
    by Envy
  23. Dead Earth
    by Ancient Altar
  24. Dead Earth
    by Ancient Altar
  25. Red Headed Stranger
    by Carla Bozulich
  26. February
    by Abrams
  27. Mennonite
    by KEN mode
  28. Success
    by KEN mode
  29. Nerve EP
    by KEN mode
  30. Mongrel
    by KEN mode
  31. Venerable
    by KEN mode
  32. Entrench
    by KEN mode
  33. Reprisal
    by KEN mode
  34. will rap over hard rock for food
    by chuck mosley
  35. The Storied Northwest
    by The Storied Northwest
  36. Obsidion
    by Barrows
  37. Sea Stacks and Sleestaks
    by The Jade Shader
  38. Scour
    by Hex Horizontal
    by Intrcptr
  40. Lossed Over b/w Dream Warden
    by Cloakroom
  41. ST 7"
    by S.B.F.
  42. Thieves Hymn in D Minor
    by Thief
  43. Open Hand - Loved (BTR056)
    by Open Hand
  44. The Life and Times - Audiotree Live
    by The Life and Times
  45. War Moans
    by Mutoid Man