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  1. Abyssal
    by amaranth_todd
  2. Fragmented
    by prox.bleep
    Mind bending aural delicacies to tickle the most discerning ears. prox.Bleep delivers another phenomenal listening experience hot on the heels of last years Bewildering Wonder EP on Paracusia Media. Every sound meticulously placed, every modulation automated with perfect intention, the level of sound design this offers is unprecedented. prox further explores his deeply immersive hyperglitch aesthetic with absolutely no compromises. Sonic sorcery of the utmost magnitude!
  3. Mega Man Original Free Album
    by Thow
    Shark Island Shark Island
    Incredibly authentic 2a03 Mega Man compositions, indistinguishable from the originals. Full of charm and character, excellent melodies and structure! Obviously Thow cares deeply for this style and it really shows! I only wish I could also purchase his other albums for my collection as well!
  4. Lighghthouse
    by Chad Mossholder
  5. Orbitus
    by Access to Arasaka
  6. Geosynchron
    by Access to Arasaka
  7. Aleph
    by Access to Arasaka
  8. void();
    by Access to Arasaka
  9. telinit 6
    by Access to Arasaka
  10. [tidal textures]
    by jabberwock
    tidal biome tidal biome
    Ebbing and flowing as does the tide, jabberwock has somehow managed to capture its very essence, to record the micro and macro organisms dancing an endless dance of surviving, thriving. [tidal textures] is subtle and nuanced, carrying a certain fragility not often heard in jabberwock’s aural explorations. It really is meant to be listened to quietly in headphones in a dark room. A right delightful aquatic excursion of immersive oceanic vibrations.
  11. FM TRACKS: Lovers of Aether
    by flashygoodness
  12. Engage
    by Sole Massif | Tineidae | Access to Arasaka
    Power Disruption Power Disruption
  13. Lost in Sound
    by Amos
  14. Forward Uncertainty
    by Disektor
  15. Encircle
    by Sole Massif
  16. Free Earth & Sangoma Present Free Mind
  17. Bewildering Wonder EP
    by prox.Bleep
    Bewildering Wonder Bewildering Wonder
    A new form of unpredictable musical trajectories emerges, intersecting and metamorphosing through the ever-changing landscape of post-musical tendencies. Navigating these uncharted aural spaces with grace and precision, prox.Bleep ups the ante, delivering mind bending sound design coupled with immersive world building and articulate story telling, so rife with details as to be exploding outwards/inwards to/from every direction.
  18. various alternate realities, a darqlab 15th anniversary formula
    by various artists
  19. Space Container
    by Jim Kimchi
    Shatter Focus Shatter Focus
    Master of aural malfunction Jim Kimchi returns with a massive injection of precision hyperglitch mayhem. Every sonic element meticulously placed with the utmost care, Jim Kimchi is setting new standards for sonic [de]construction. An opus of infinite magnatude, never ending folds of sculpted sound waves bearing an almost paradoxical intention, crumbling into dust and being reborn simultaneously in perpetuity.
  20. Plethora
    by Misleading Structures