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  1. Babel
    by Ranges
  2. Omission
    by Noorvik
  3. A Dawn to Fear
    by Cult of Luna
  4. Synesthesia
    by Maven
  5. Scintilla
    by Catacombe
  6. SEED
    by Freedom To Glide
  7. Nattfiolen
    by Jordsjø
  8. Event Horizon
    by Beyond The Event Horizon
  9. In Flight
    by Lucy In Blue
  10. Mad Fellaz III
  11. Mad Fellaz
  12. Mir
    by Telegraph
  13. Terrestrial Mutations
    by Droid
  14. Diluvium
    by Obscura
  15. Haydenspark
    by Overhead
  16. Starchild
    by RanestRane
  17. Cycles
    by Appalaches
  18. Myra
    by Spurv
  19. Hadeon
    by Pestilence
  20. Oceanarium
    by Deluge Grander
  21. Steve Rothery band Live in Plovdiv
    by Steve Rothery
  22. The turning point
    by Metamorphosis
  23. wearewhoweare
    by Pallas
  24. FALL
    by Freedom To Glide
  25. Departure Songs
    by We Lost the Sea
  26. Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday
    by Baulta
  27. Blader som faller til jorden og blir til nye trær
    by Spurv
  28. Helios | Erebus
  29. It All Starts From Pieces
    by Distant Dream
  30. The Dark of the City
    by Hibernal
  31. Vanishing Lights
    by Old Seas / Young Mountains
  32. Portrait for a Reflection
    by Fjord
  33. In a cold embrace
    by Battlestations
  34. The extent of damage
    by Battlestations
  35. Battlestations
    by Battlestations
  36. The Machine
    by Hibernal
  37. Replacements
    by Hibernal
  38. After the Winter
    by Hibernal
  39. Satellites
    by Exxasens
  40. (III)
    by Toundra
  41. The gates of tomorrow
    by La Maschera Di Cera
  42. Na Cesti / On The Road
    by Polona Kasal
  43. Heretics
    by Dream the Electric Sleep