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Arthur Gazchap

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  1. Delirium
    by Wyrmhaven
  2. Better Than Silence: Another Century of Hits
    by Ted Kane
  3. The Woods
    by Hidden Gentlemen
  4. The Prophecy of Blight
    by Soul Grinder
  5. "The Gory Hole Overture In F#"
    by Necrosexual
  6. GRIM 1
    by Necrosexual
  7. Grow
    by Dendrites
  8. Peristeria & Tephra - Undesiccated/Lahar Split
    by Undesiccated
  9. Likstadberget
    by Gorr
    Brente Grantre Brente Grantre
    Norway is back to claim the Norwegian Black Metal crown. This is true and pure black metal! Best in a few years!
  10. Christmas Apart
    by Turkey Vulture
  11. Voices Of The Dead
    by Conviction
  12. Seiches and Sirens
    by Almost Honest
  13. SLEEPING VILLAGE Caravan Of Doom (Vol. 1)
    by Sleeping Village Records
  14. Shade Beyond
    by Hand of Kalliach
  15. Shapeless Misery
    by The Sombre
  16. Waning Hymns
    by Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
  17. Ambient Distress
    by Tristan Welch
  18. Asset / Defect
    by Tristan Welch
  19. And The Ants Still March On
    by Little Hole Filled
    Coyote Howling Coyote Howling
  20. The Encompassing Nothing
    by THORN