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  1. Khthoniik Cerviiks - Æequiizoiikum
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  2. II
    by Uprising
  3. Code 2.0
    by The Black Noodle Project
  4. Utopian Deception
  5. Back from the Dead
    by Siren
  6. Saga á tveim tungum I: Vápn ok viðr
    by Árstíðir lífsins
  7. Chronosthesia
    by Time Shift Accident
  8. InMotion
    by InVertigo
  9. The Twenty Seven Club
    by Magenta
  10. Chameleon
    by Magenta
  11. Final Journey
    by Is Love Alive?
  12. Melting The Ice In The Hearts Of Men
    by Our Survival Depends On Us
  13. Worlds Open, Worlds Collide
    by One Tail, One Head
  14. VOID
    by Wolvennest
  15. Ebony Tower
    by Mare
  16. Illunis
    by Illunis
  17. Six Must Die
    by Lord Vigo
  18. Fortress of Primal Grace
    by Vallendusk
  19. Devouring Mortality
    by Skeletal Remains
  20. Galeere
    by Eïs