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  1. Creation of a Star
    by Planet Supreme
  2. Monopsychism
    by MOREGO
  3. Cenozoic
    by Paleowolf
    Mastodon Mastodon
    Cenozoic is an earthy and yet dreamy visit to a distant time. The field-recorded sounds, chanting and meaty drum-beats often give way to airy, swirling periods of dream-like impressions, beautifully hinting at the shamanic elements of the creatures and the journey to see them.
  4. Submersion
    by Gdanian
    Strange Forms Strange Forms
    Submersion is a pulsing, flowing, bubbling trip into the depths. Its electronic tones and pulsing throbs seem to ping off into dark, sci-fi, watery places. The suggestive sounds that, for me, hinted at other life-forms, only serve to increase that feeling of the alien or the unknown.
  5. Mithra
    by Ager Sonus
    Ritual Ritual
    Mithra is a peaceful dark ambient album, one that takes the listener into landscapes and scenes of yore, mixing in the light and the dark elements in a pleasing ratio and manner. It has a dream-like, magical quality, and also the feeling of antiquity. On a personal note, I also enjoyed that it led my mind to pondering the concepts of Stoic philosophy, Marcus Aurelius etc. as this would also have been around at about the same period as the Cult of Mithras, as far as I’m aware. A very fine album.
  6. Fifth Nature
    by Skrika
    Apokrytein Apokrytein
    The clash of technology and faith sets the scene for sometimes mechanical, sometimes biological, sometimes ritual soundscapes, with chants and field recordings of the natural elements brushing up against sci-fi electronic tones. An accomplished and very enjoyable listening experience.
  7. Journey of a Dying Girl
    by Scott Lawlor
    Covered in Darkness Covered in Darkness
    Journey of a Dying Girl is the sound of a peaceful dalliance between the worlds of the living and the dying. While many dark ambient albums achieve their darker elements by more explicit means, this album creates a more subtle, smooth, depiction of the dark. It’s a chill and relaxing listen, and one that I believe is well worth your time to check out.
  8. Exaltation
    by Hasufel
    Exaltation Exaltation
    Exaltation is a dark ambient album that draws the listener’s mind to ponder the role that darkness plays in life, death and religion. For the moments of quiet peace and grace, there are hissing, scraping, rasping echoes that are never that far away. A little like the picnic of life: the ants and wasps are always somewhere if you have the awareness to look out for them, usually behind the sandwiches but in-front of the cake...
  9. La Peste
    by Vallée des Larmes & Catacombes de Paris
    Ritual I Ritual I
    La Peste might well be a battle between the human and spiritual elements that were around during the time of The Black Death. The voice and distorted music populated tracks from Vallée des Larmes could be seen as the human side, their words and songs trying to stem the flow of death. The hissing, mysterious cavernous soundscapes of Catacombes de Paris might well be the response from “the other side”.
  10. Yōkai
    by Visions of Ulnahar
    Your Ghost Danced In The Shadows Of Old Trees Your Ghost Danced In The Shadows Of Old Trees
    Yōkai is a dark ambient album of ghostly manifestation, the battle for control, and quiet roaming sadness. Some of the sounds seem fully under the sway of the Yōkai being evoked, while others seem like the environment or surrounding atmosphere reacting to their presence. Whatever is going on, and however the sounds trigger images in your own mind, the underlying feeling of the supernatural comes through nicely.
  11. The Book
    by Dodenskald
    Book of Genesis Book of Genesis
    The Book is a dark ambient album that takes the listener on a journey through the various stages of a possible horror tale. We pass through the lust for discovery and power, the darkness of the acts involved, the unseen consequences and the striving for peace or redemption. We even get the end of credits teaser that hints at the sequel film that may or may not ever be made. It’s an ominous, magickal, haunted album, and one well worth picking up.
    Broken From The Beginning (PROTOTYPE) Broken From The Beginning (PROTOTYPE)
    Andy Fosberry has taken the music created for three feature films and created a compilation of simmering electronic darkness.
  13. The Night and Other Sunken Dreams
    by Underwater Sleep Orchestra
    Dreamt within the Belly of a Deer Dreamt within the Belly of a Deer
    The Night and Other Sunken Dreams is a dark ambient album of peace and calm. I found myself most liking the tracks that gave me strong mental impressions, as is often the case, but even the ones that didn’t or were more abstract, provided some textured, blanketing, dream-like tones that were certainly pleasant to listen to. If you like your dark ambient ethereal, warm and echoing, you should take a listen to The Night and Other Sunken Dreams.
  14. Yokai
    by The Rosenshoul
    Shōkera Shōkera
    Yokai is a really enjoyable album. It cloaks you in an obscuring fog, hisses at you, buffets you, and presents you with ominous swells of bone-rattling sound. It's like listening to a vast leviathan pounding the ground and emitting metallic roars.
  15. Teloc Od Busd G'a Qaa C'a Qliphot
    by Occult Odyssey
    Te Gloriosus Apostolorum Laminam Carnifici Te Gloriosus Apostolorum Laminam Carnifici
    A rasping, hissing, chant-laced dark ambient album. The dark spaces and rumbling movements of power sit well with the male and female vocalisations; the soundscapes doing a fine job of portraying the summoners, and hinting at the things that might be listening in the shadows. If you like your dark ambient more on the occult, ritual side of things, you should take a look at Teloc Od Busd G'a Qaa C'a Qliphot.
  16. Insektio
    by Umpio
    Nocturnal Trigger Patterns Nocturnal Trigger Patterns
    A screeching, popping, buzzing, clicking, rumbling, darting collection of tracks, each with its own feel. Some sound like they might be mandibles clacking and cutting. Others like a thundering beetle-like attack chopper thumping over the horizon. I know that the album title and artwork frames the impressions that you are likely to get, but the tracks really do seem to embody the alien-like qualities of insects and their movements. It’s really fun to listen to.
  17. The Last Resort
    by Beyond the Ghost
    Late Night at The Last Resort Late Night at The Last Resort
    The Last Resort is a dark ambient album of morose places populated by the phantoms of remembered pleasures. Framed by a near future dystopia, one that, if you look at current circumstances, could very easily grow from our current trials and tribulations as a species. A great album to dip into a bleak future, to then return to the present day and enjoy what you’ve got, while you’ve still got it.
  18. The Umbra Report
    by Cities Last Broadcast
    Disembodied Disembodied
    The Umbra Report is a scratchy, static-filled album, its soundscapes populated by distorted voices, strange throbbing atmospheres, and drones that cloak the whole in a warm, breathing darkness. There are hints and impressions of musical melodies and singing, but they are soon claimed by the more esoteric elements and shredded into a strange, otherworldly waiting-room ambience.
  19. Back to Beyond
    by Alphaxone & ProtoU
    Quantum Zero Quantum Zero
    Back to Beyond was, for me, the soundtrack to being on a long space journey. Many of the tracks feature metallic vibrations, muted clicks and beeps, and the hisses of atmosphere escaping from pressurised containment. For the most part, it seemed an album of smooth tones, small sounds and mechanical objects buzzing into the void. The darkness it displays is tempered by the warmth it also contains.
  20. Behind the Veil of Black Stars
    by Scott Lawlor
    No Place to Land No Place to Land
    It’s amazing to think that Behind the Veil of Black Stars was made with only one sample at its core, and yet Scott has twisted and manipulated it into a dark sci-fi creation, one that thrums with the cold of space and the threat of an indifferent universe.