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Duc Dao

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  1. Game of Thrones Abridged
    by Alt Schwift X
    #1: Prologue, AGOT #1: Prologue, AGOT
  2. The Calling (ft. Claudia White)
    by Marcus Warner
    The Calling (ft. Claudia White) The Calling (ft. Claudia White)
    This is exactly "the calling" I need when listening to music :D So heart-warming and thrilling at the same time :) Thank you very much, Marcus and Claudia ^_^
  3. Homeward
    by Marcus Warner
    It is so wonderful to listen to it whenever I feel tired at work and think about being home as the most precious thing in my life. This gives me strength to focus and continue my training better. So, truly thank you, Marcus :)
  4. In The End
    by Marcus Warner
    Thank you so much for your music, Marcus :D It is so beautiful that I can listen to it everyday without feeling bored!