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  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. PEW PEW – EP
    YIKES!!! YIKES!!!
    Definitely my 2020 GameBoyMusic highlight of the year. Incredible Soundesign with high quality LSDJ skill makes it a pleasure to relisten. The new standard for Chipbass.
  2. eher tiaf, aber eh ganz deep (HL020)
    by Gigolo D & JerMc
  3. To Keep Evolving LP
    by Kemikziel
  4. Imaginary Worlds
    by roboctopus
  5. Decade
    by AlexWiklund
  6. WeeklyBeats 2018 Q2
    by 4ntler
  7. Pepper Jacked
    by dogsplusplus
  8. More Tales Yet Untold EP
    by Kemikziel
  9. Escape Return
    by STU
  10. Y U M E 夢 [SSR004]
    by Nagareboshi
  11. The Silver Line on the Horizon
    by Gampoy
  12. Chip Bit Day 18: Friends & Fam
    by Dirt Cheap Records
  13. Retro Gaming
    by The Mad Bitter
  15. 1.5
    by HarleyLikesMusic
  16. flyaway
    by Shitbird
  17. Тату́
    by Nagareboshi·*
    Мальчик-гей Мальчик-гей
    Great samplework and a nice feel makes this small release a gem.
    Also the second track explodes in the end really well.
    Give it a listen.
  18. Project Canada: OTR Vol.1
    by Millennium Jazz Music
  19. Disposable Dance Music Vol. 1
    by STereochan
  20. Disposable Dance Music Vol. 2
    by STereochan