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  1. Family Fruit
    by Benny Salvador
  2. Cottonwoods
    by Anode
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  3. FiNE LiNES
    by Kind Stranger
    Kind Stranger continually lights my ears on fire with his sound design and unique production and take. Each beat slaps you in the face and is full of details making for an incredible journey.
  4. Forget Your Own Face
    by Black Dresses
    I wasn't ready for this. It's so raw, authentic and unique. One of my favorite albums of the year.
  5. Yearwalker
    by Gloson
    Sirens Sirens
    Recently working on a new music project I dove headfirst into Doom Metal and found Gloson. I loved this album so much it set the bar for the entire project. This album is brilliant.
  6. Grimen
    by Gloson
  7. Goat Shaman EP
    by Goat Shaman
    Warlock Trip Warlock Trip
    By far one of if not my favorite Doom metal album today. I can't wait to hear more from this group and hopefully catch a show in SLC!
  8. Mirror Guide
    by Giant Claw
    Mir-Cam Online Mir-Cam Online
    This album is both beauty and chaos. It's wonderfully composed, smashed and broken, but poetic and touching. Challenging yet never hard to listen to. Brilliant work.
  9. Single Shot
    by Mister Ott (Mr Ott)
  10. Lo-Fi Music To Listen To
    by lo-fi music to listen to
  11. Rosa Pano
    by Luis Pestana
    Asa Machina Asa Machina
    This album is one of my favorite examples of how you can use samples to do some really outside of the box and amazingly creative things. This album is gorgeous, cinematic and a real journey and pleasure to listen to, every single time.
  12. Flowers and Weeds
    by Joe Shoemaker
    Distance, Pt. 1 Distance, Pt. 1
    One of the most inspiring and beautiful albums using modular I have come across. The range of instruments, warmth and composition is outstanding. Can't wait to hear more.
  13. Coma Dreams
    by Orbitron
    Writing a Manifesto and Watching the News Writing a Manifesto and Watching the News
    Really great mix of guitar, drum and synth to create a dark and wonderful journey.
  14. Swim, Simian
    by Aqeel Aadam
    Descent Descent
  15. No Kill No Beep Beep
    by Q and Not U
  16. Can't Do It
    by LMajor
    Can't Do It Can't Do It
  17. Platformer
    by Mute City
  18. A Shadow No Light Could Make
    by Nathan Moody
  19. Promises
    by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra
    This album is as beautiful as anything Sam has ever done. And Pharoah Sanders with the London Symphony make this a beautiful journey with some amazing musicians.
  20. I
    by Extreme Precautions
    Untitled Untitled