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  1. Boltenhagen, Germany
  2. Ambient
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  1. Forsaken
    by Alphaxone & Dronny Darko
    Beginning Beginning
  2. Promethean
    by Randal Collier-Ford
    Arc of Thralls Arc of Thralls
    Crazy album. Perhaps a additional storyline or fragment of Sabled Sun and Locus Arcadia? Sounds like Cryo Chamber delivers new narratives and snippets in this growing universe. Really like the sci-fi flows in this dense and glorious final part from Randall Collier Ford.
  3. A Year at Usher's Hill
    by Monty Adkins
    An Eden Within An Eden Within
  4. Reframing
    by Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci
    Reframing Reframing
  5. Psalms for the Sunder
    by Alder & Ash
    Seen Through the Cedar Smoke Seen Through the Cedar Smoke
  6. Open To The Sea
    by Enrico Coniglio & Matteo Uggeri
    Open To The Sea Open To The Sea
  7. Darkly I Listen
    by The Rosenshoul
    Violence My Heart Violence My Heart
  8. Cavade Morlem
    by Olan Mill
    Tallole Tallole
  9. The Places Where I Worship You
    by Caught In The Wake Forever
    On Lochranza Shores On Lochranza Shores
  10. Re:composition
    by Pleq
    offthesky & Pleq - Delicate Exit (Segue remix) offthesky & Pleq - Delicate Exit (Segue remix)
  11. Branches
    by Cyril Secq / Orla Wren
    Première Branche Première Branche
  12. Inscriptions
    by Wil Bolton
    Seep Seep
  13. Agoraphonia
    by Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci
    Shantangjie Shantangjie
  14. Aer
    by Giulio Aldinucci
    Lampara Lampara
  15. Budapest
    by Rezo Glonti
    Pulse Added Two Pulse Added Two
  16. Light Loss
    by offthesky
    Dream Coma Dream Coma
  17. Above The Desert
    by Chihei Hatakeyama
    Twilight Glow Twilight Glow
  18. The Voynich Manuscript
    by Legiac
    Troven Briangular Troven Briangular
    Curious, fascinating odyssey through sound. A lot of wired and strange harmonics and unusual uplifting design. It´s an ultimate powerpiece for soundexplorers.
  19. Avifaunal
    by Pausal
    Murmuration I Murmuration I
  20. Bånsull
    by Elegi
    Hvor Her Er Ødselig Hvor Her Er Ødselig
  21. Ecliptic Plane
    by Aidan Baker
    Terrella Terrella
  22. Context
    by Hotel Neon
    12:41 AM 12:41 AM
  23. Folded Distance
    by Josco & Spheruleus
    Samila Samila
  24. Histós Lusis
    by Toàn
    Post Tenebras Post Tenebras
    Enormously satisfying label. A treasure for soundgems and expertly crafted music.
  25. An Unintended Space
    by Stijn Hüwels & Danny Clay
    2.18.2016 (I) 2.18.2016 (I)
  26. Erasures and Displacements
    by Bill Seaman
    A Visual Record Of Scratches Reflecting On Time A Visual Record Of Scratches Reflecting On Time
  27. Salty Wind And Inner Fire
    by Sound Meccano | Jura Laiva
    Part V Part V
  28. a -> b
    by Tatsuro Kojima
    Flutter Flutter
  29. Home
    by Warmth
    Hivern Hivern
  30. Restricting Knowledge
    by Data Domain
    Repeated Allusions Repeated Allusions
    Wonderful second release on Faint. Reminds in the great Hypnus label from sweden. The chaining of hypnotic droning and tribal techno percussion works very well on this release. Outstanding techno/soundscape fusion.
  31. Alpine Respire
    by ProtoU & Hilyard
    Alpine Respire Alpine Respire
    Unexpected good collaboration by two great minds. At the moment i like to discover the work of ProtoU. And this album comes at the right time. Aural landscapes and harsher environments with surrealistic soundevents. Guarned with Hilyards floating canvases and his resonating minimalism.
  32. Trinity
    by Council of Nine
    527 527
  33. Sleeper's Fate
    by God Body Disconnect
    Flesh of a Ghost Flesh of a Ghost
    For me it is the feverishly expected continuation of Dredge Portals, which is my alltime favourite in the Cryo Chamber catalogue. The field recordings and soundarrangements are high quality shaped. GBD paints one of the powerfulst and picturesque ambient-cinema.
    Each sample and instrumentation is careful placed and every soundpinch is at it´s right place. You get never the feeling of missplaced storypieces. But on the contrary, Sleepers Fate is THE shiny and expressive album of the recent time.
  34. Erebus & Terror
    by David Bickley & Tom Green
    frozen ship frozen ship
  35. Trans-Neptunian Objects
    by ASC
    Sedna Sedna
  36. No Stars Without Darkness
    by ASC
    Parallels To Wander Parallels To Wander
    This album transcend to new heights. Its one of the ultimate highlights of the year.
  37. Biospherica
    by Jacob Newman
    Forest Floor, Springtime Forest Floor, Springtime
    A wonderful album of delicious and organic ambient joy. Very clear and bright sound interpretation of floral and biospherical environments.
  38. Merging The Infinite
    by Simon Wilkinson
    Spindrift Spindrift
  39. Perpetual Dimensions
    by Simon Wilkinson
    Leave This Burning Earth Leave This Burning Earth
    The wait has an end! After "Cryosleep Dreams" Simon finally did it again with a polished and absorbing masterpiece. Evolving and panoramic.
  40. Cryosleep Dreams
    by Simon Wilkinson
    Pushing Through Crystal Ice Clouds Pushing Through Crystal Ice Clouds
    I really love space ambient with huge configurated textures and uplifting pads and drones. And this piece give me the food, for the inner eye. A wonderful easy and floating journey.
  41. Portals
    by Eternell
    Shrine Shrine
  42. Sine Dust Versions
    by 36
    Sun Riders Part II (Version) Sun Riders Part II (Version)
  43. Innerspace
    by Altus
    Let Every Doubt Pass By Let Every Doubt Pass By
  44. Komorebi
    by Altus
    Cerulean Skies Cerulean Skies
    Oh yes, these wide open spaces! An album like a beautiful pearl. Crystal clear and calming. Most of his albums have this very special kind of soul. Reminds me always in cold winter days, when it´s grey outside and snowdust is quiet whirling. Perfect sounds for northern landscapes. "Altus" keeping the line through the whole release at a stratospheric level!

    I´m really happy to see this artist here on Bandcamp and looking forward to the next.
  45. Below The Root
    by Altus
    Mortal Soil Mortal Soil