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  2. Ambient
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  1. Celestial
    by Starterra
    Time Portal Time Portal
    This album is a monument. With its very huge synthesziser pads, its spaced out sequencer lines and its cosmic dramatic atmospheres. Celestial sends you on a colorful journey through faraway sci-fi environments and builds a soundworld at its very own.
    Crowned with a artwork of perfection and beautiful flac resolution. Releases like this makes me just hungry for more exosphere. One of my favourite in 2020!
  2. Soham
    by Yin Yang Audio
  3. Damaged Interface
    by Rashida Prime
    Vill4in knocks on my doors. It´s straight on the way to find it´s place in my personal top 3 labels of all time. It delivers outstanding visual vinyl design, breathtaking packaging and beautiful selected pieces of vapor, dream, dystopian, cyber and atmospheric cinematic audiogold. And now after the legendary Rashida Prime, bring us Lowxy!
  4. ждите Нас Звезды!
    by Project Lazarus
  5. CCCP-001 - К солнцу, к звездам
    by Project Lazarus
  6. Closer
    by MVEJIMV
  7. Inner Sphere
    by Voyage Futur
  8. Vanished
    by evryn
  9. Fiend
    by Ghoul
  10. 上海/香港
    by 沙漠鱿鱼
  11. Wurmloch Variationen
    by Stephan Mathieu
    Algorhytmic borderlined sound sculpting that creates an iconic space. Impressive how very less it aged. A great choice to reprint it on vinyl.
  12. Hotel Pools | Fall '18
    by Hotel Pools
  13. My Room Becomes the Sea
    by sleepy fish
  14. Beneath Your Waves
    by Sleepy Fish
  15. Everything Fades to Blue
    by Sleepy Fish
    This is the crownjewel of chillhop. It tells a great story with a astonishing visual concept. The ultimate weapon against bad days.
  16. Draw Me A Silence Part. I
    by Azu Tiwaline
  17. Draw Me A Silence Part. II
    by Azu Tiwaline
  18. Music For DOS
    by Simon Stålenhag
  19. Microhumans
    by Ali Wade
  20. Andromeda
    by Echaskech