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  1. The Inward Cold
    by Eneferens
    The Mermaid The Mermaid
  2. In The Hours Beneath
    by Eneferens
    Ascension Ascension
  3. The Great Cold
    by The Great Cold
  4. Exercises in futility LP 2015
    by Mgła
    Exercises in futility I Exercises in futility I
  5. Hidden Manna
    by Salvaticus
    Breeding Ground Breeding Ground
    Saw them live in Charlottesville (unfortunately in front of a crowd that didn't seem to "get it"). Really strong songwriting and sincerity- this albums been on repeat ever since! One of only a few that doesn't get tiring quickly...just a helluva great group of bleak and raw, yet beautiful songs.
  6. Horseskull
    by Horseskull
    Outlaw Wolf Fire Outlaw Wolf Fire
    Raw, gut felt, genuine, and fucking nasty music, lyrics/vocals hit hard and true and close to home. They stole the show and killed it live too, no joke- killer
  7. Lore
    by Elder
    Compendium Compendium
    just really good music it is. Dead Roots Stirring remains in heavy rotation, but this is so tasteful and elegant in its own unique way-but not at all pretentious, grimy and freewheeling too. just really good music it is i done told ya ;) \m/
  8. Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
    by Various Artists
    March Of The Fire Ants March Of The Fire Ants
    s'allgood in the neighborhood
    Pig Destroyer, Tombs, and 182 (!) others fergawdsakes \m/ >.< \m/
    thanks relapse
  9. Far Away And Into Space pt.2
    by Elbrus
    killer track!
  10. Saturndust
    by S A T U R N D U S T
    Realm Of Nothing Realm Of Nothing
    thanks to ToiletOvHell for turning me on to this! carl sagan psychdoom trio metal from brazil....yep
    \m/ >.< \m/