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  1. Destination Girl
    by Finishing School
  2. Pop Dreamz
    by The Stayawakes
  3. BILL WELLS & ISOBEL CAMPBELL: Ghost of Yesterday
    by The Creeping Bent Organisation
  4. Sunshine For The Mountain God
    by Mike Gale
  5. Oh Dear
    by Live. Do Nothing
  6. It's Not Nothin'
    by Workin' Man Noise Unit
  7. I Just Want to Float in the Void
    by The Hippaes
  8. In dreams I fall
    by Freschard
  9. After the Beginning, Before the End. (2013)
    by Daniel Kitson
  10. The Impotent Fury of The Privileged (2008)
    by Daniel Kitson
  11. Fragments
    by Daniel Everett
  12. Co-pilgrim Moon Lagoon
    by Mike Gale
  13. Rock And Roll Part Three
    by Ozma
  14. Eureka
    by Jim O'Rourke
  15. Insignificance
    by Jim O'Rourke
  16. That'll Do
    by Yoofs
  17. At Bay
    by The Wharves
  18. New River Head
    by The Bevis Frond
  19. Play Loud
    by Workin' Man Noise Unit
  20. First Light
    by Turner Cody