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  1. Forest Of Your Problems
    by Snapped Ankles
    by Esselfortium
    Sarah Mancuso led the Back To Saturn X Doom mod project, which is staggeringly good, and did a lot of the music for it. This album is a mellow, melancholic nostalgia trip, and I love it
  3. LP ZERO
    by ella guro
    Liz Ryerson is one of the brightest people I've ever come across on the internet. I'm fascinated by everything she does, including her music
  4. Comma
    by Sam Prekop
    I heard the song Summer Places on BBC6 Music and was instantly transported. The rest of the album does not disappoint. Sam seems to be devising his own musical language.
  5. Zero Dollar Bill
    by Do Nothing
    Contraband Contraband
    Really impressive debut EP, heard Contraband on the radio and was instantly sold
  6. Transpacific Slop
    by Cruel Buddhist
    I played with Henry in a PFunk tribute band, and I like his J Dilla / Flying Lotus -influenced stuff. What I'm really enamoured with are his live looping performances, though, check em out on YouTube
  7. Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
    by Japandroids
    North East South West North East South West
    Japandroids put on one of the best shows I've ever been to - at Yuyintang, Shanghai, don't remember the year. Still getting into this album
  8. Abnormal
    by iimmune
    Came across you on the Live Beijing Music best of 2016. Amazing stuff!
  9. Golden Cage / 金色的笼子
    by FAZI / 法兹
  10. Running Horse / 谁会做奔跑的马
    by FAZI / 法兹
    Xi'An 西安 Xi'An 西安
    The Fuzz are an astonishing live band, whose shows create real euphoria, and I'm sorry to say that this album does not capture it at all! But I got it for the songs.
  11. Round Eye
    by Round Eye
    City Livin' City Livin'
    Round Eye are a powerhouse freak punk band, led by the spirited Chachi, a true rock n roll shaman, indefatigable, irrepressible, and sometimes even irresponsible. They've done great things, and hope there's more to come. I had the great good luck to tour with them in 2016 and it was one of the most amazing times of my life.
  12. Introducing the Psyders
    by The Psyders
    Well, I played in this band. Not on this recording, but did all of these songs live, and many others. Underrated! :P
  13. We Are Shanghai IV
    by We Are Shanghai
    Girl! Girl!
    This album is a time capsule for me, as I was living in the greater Shanghai area when it was released, and went on to meet a lot of the musicians who played on it, and had the great privilege to play in bands with some of them.
  14. Melt Yourself Down
    by Melt Yourself Down
    I first heard the track 'Fix My Life' on a 2012 CD from Wire magazine. It was the opening track, and the standout track for me, capturing a frenetic London vibe, and I'm still not tired of hearing it nearly a decade later, or the rest of this amazing album
  15. Route One or Die
    by Three Trapped Tigers
    This band are just incredible. Such intense, intricate music, and Adam Betts has to be one of the best living drummers. My favourite thing by them remains 'EP', their first release, as it's what let me fall in love with them, particularly '5', but this album is also astonishingly good, and honestly I find it overwhelming and am still digging into it
  16. Elliptic EP
    by Vessels