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  1. Un-United Kingdom EP (20th Anniversary Brexit Edition)
    by Pitchshifter
  2. Love Love Love
    by Shht
  3. Bajzel for Anglophones
    by Bajzel
  4. Music for the Prodigal Generation (A Keith Flint Tribute) [Free Download]
    by Slamboree
  5. The Santanist
    by Raised By Owls
  6. The Long Game
    by Slamboree
  7. What Do You Want (Freear & Francisco)
    by Freear
  8. How Dare You
    by G.T
  9. Kawehi Covers
    by Kawehi
  10. He's Very Good At Swimming
    by The Empty Page
  11. EP#1
    by Disgraceland
  12. Destroy It Yourself
    by Oxygen Thief
  13. Penelope (Please Stop Recommending So Many TV Dramas)
    by Brett Domino
  14. Lunchtime Lover
    by Brett Domino
  15. PNCK
    by Brett Domino
  16. Naughty Sexy Funk Woman / One In A Hundred [BONUS BUNDLE]
    by Brett Domino
  17. Everybody Needs To Know It's Christmas
    by Brett Domino
  18. Funk
    by Brett Domino
  19. Unfinished Business
    by Brett Domino
  20. Bad Bad Boy
    by Brett Domino
  21. Bad Lips
    by Brett Domino
  22. Pinocchio
    by Brett Domino
  23. Habanero
    by Brett Domino
  24. Sexy When You Do That
    by Brett Domino
  25. When The Cloud Explodes
    by The Empty Page
  26. The Final Countdown (Swing Metal Cover)
    by Connor Engstrom
  27. 大江山の月(Ōeyama no Tsuki)
    by Japanese Folk Metal
  28. My Game My Rules // Their Game Their Rules (FREE DOWNLOAD)
    by Slamboree
  29. Missile Toads
    by Black Hole Records
  30. System Anomaly
    by Pitchshifter
  31. Our God Is Awesome!
    by The Nervous Breakdowns
  32. War Pigs (Freear Remix)
    by Slamboree
  33. 7" Life / Africa
    by Shht
  34. Fuck You Brain
    by Ginger Wildheart & Ryan Hamilton