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  1. Eat What We Kill For You
    by Steaksauce Mustache
  2. The Almighty Aardvoctomalark!
    by Steaksauce Mustache
  3. All Juice, No Noise
    by Steaksauce Mustache
  4. Groovy Noodles
    by Jazzy Ryuuji
  5. Discography
  6. They Call Me Armageddon Vol. 3
    by Call Me Armageddon
  7. Baat Suno
    by Tom Caruana
  8. Paradise
    by Living Weapon
  9. NehruvianDOOM
    by MF DOOM
  10. 420
    by WEEDIAN
  11. Madvillainy
    by Madvillain
  12. Toon Time Raw!
    by Jerry Paper
    Anything JP related is going to be a terrific sonic adventure: This is certainly no exception. Fell in love at first hear, purchased 30 seconds into the second track.
  13. Aethiopes
    by billy woods
    Sauvage (ft. Boldy James & Gabe Nandez) Sauvage (ft. Boldy James & Gabe Nandez)
    I'm not entirely certain Billy isn't an extraterrestrial, or a super advanced hominid from another plane of existence;The hypnotic, seedy world he relates combined with some top notch, abstract rhythms and production make you question if you see the same things, or if you have even been paying attention to the world around you. What a bellringer! Billy scored an Ace with Aethiopes.
  14. Acid Tab Vocab
    by Tame One & Parallel Thought
    Hip Hop/Rap Action Figure Hip Hop/Rap Action Figure
    Tame One, hands down all time favorite. My GOAT. I'm always down for a listen to his material, new or old. This was a jewel in Parallel's crown for real.
  15. Adventures In Imperfection
    by FatGyver
  16. All Mighty Men - Drifting Through a Prosthetic Era
    by The Dali Thundering Concept
  17. Twisted World Perspective
    by fallfiftyfeet
    Almost Heaven Almost Heaven
    Two non-negative complaints: Not long enough for my ears to fall further into, & I can't stop playing this since I purchased it! How can you expect to find such a diverse, amazingly produced, musically talented record and move on to explore other potential favorites? This project deserves a long, appreciative firsthand experience, then many more recurring visits for the rest of your waking life, like a toxic passion you know you'll never forget or surrender. Definitely goes to 11.
  18. Familiaris
    by Snooze
    I love this album so much, I bought it again just to get a vinyl copy. One of my all time favorite Math-adjacent records. The melodies, harmonies, dynamics, & song crafting talent are all brilliant & shown in full swing on this venture. Worth every minute listening to.
  19. Remedial Chaos Theory
    by The God Awful Truth
  20. DJ Addikt presents Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty; The Best Of Billy Woods
    by billy woods