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  1. Sweet Tea
    by Beams
  2. Loud Mouth Brain
    by Molly Davis
    Plus Plus
    I've had a couple of months to digest this little record, to let its songs drop into my music mix every now and then, as well as listen to the album closely on headphones from start to finish several times. I really liked it on first listen and the songs have only grown on me since then.
    It's exactly what I always want a debut ep to be, which are 4 very different songs about 4 very different subjects that still manage to all sound like they were made by the same person.
    "Plus" is probably my favourite if only because great love songs for a parent are strangely few and far between.
    The environmental message of "Pale Blue Dot" is hardly subtle, but it's rendered so effectively and originally that it feels that the message's delivery should be anything but. And the violin line that caps off the narrative is simply gorgeous and cathartic.
    The line "i miss you even when you're next to me" is so simple and perfect and universal that I can't believe I've never heard it before. That's the sign of a really great lyric.
    The energy and bounce of "Two Fronts" belies the sense of self doubt that it explores to great effect. The guitar work is especially good on this one and has plenty of verve to it.
    Altogether this is a great opening salvo from an artist whose deep love of music is self-evident and infectious. You should be very proud of this record and I can't wait to hear what comes next.

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    by KASHKA
  4. Clear Thinking on Mixed Feelings
    by Pearson
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    by Aidan Knight
  6. Brotherhood of the Ram
    by Shooting Guns
  7. Cry Room (EP)
    by Annie Dorrett
  8. 7
    by JoJo Worthington
  9. The Tempest of Old
    by Gabrielle Papillon
  10. Old Code
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  11. Little Bug
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  12. Woo Hoo
    by Darryl Golden
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  14. OG
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  15. Just Rivers
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  16. Think Yer So Smart
    by Erika Werry and the Alphabet
  17. The Bearer of Bad News
    by Andy Shauf
  19. Small Reveal
    by Aidan Knight