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Daniel Nachbaur

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  2. Metal
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  1. Super 90' - Complete Guitar Transcription (digital)
    by Kadinja
  2. Soulseeker
    by Andromida
  3. Cultural Divide
    by Capstan
  4. In The Wake Of Our Discord
    by Capstan
  5. Sleep Therapy: An Acoustic Performance
    by Ghost Atlas
  6. Zu
    by Jake Bowen
  7. Love
    by The Comfort
  8. The Shape of Colour
    by Intervals
  9. Anecdotes Of Science & Soul
  10. Ascendancy
    by KADINJA
  11. Perception
    by Sequoyah
  12. OPHIR
    by FOES
  13. Frail Bones
    by Alex Snape
  14. StarSystems III
    by StarSystems
  15. Every Piece Matters
    by Plini
  16. Immortal Youth EP
    by Ghost Atlas
  17. Flux
    by Sean Ashe
  18. Reflections of Elephants SE
    by SYQEM
  19. Tearing Back The Veil I: Ascension
    by Lithium Dawn
  20. Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds
    by Voices From The Fuselage
  22. Deeper Darker
    by Shreddy Krueger
    The Sky Will Swallow Us Whole The Sky Will Swallow Us Whole
    Damn, i can listening this song thousand times!! Love it!!
  23. Depths
    by For Giants
  24. The Ocean Atlas
    by Modern Day Babylon
  25. Citadels
    by Mandroid Echostar
  26. Isometric
    by Jake Bowen
  27. The Other Side MMXV
    by Thessa
  28. StarSystems II
    by StarSystems
  29. Journey To The Stars
    by Widek
  30. StarSystems EP
    by StarSystems
  31. Agaden LP
    by Thessa
  32. Mitau
    by Audrey Fall
  33. Changes
    by Sergey Golovin
  34. Beneath The Solace
    by Sean Hall
  35. Outside The Universe
    by Widek
  36. Kadinja - EP
    by KADINJA
  37. Henry Call Mash Yes
    by KADINJA
  38. Scent
    by Walking Across Jupiter
  39. Saṃsāra
    by Wide Eyes
  40. The Unreleased EP
    by Wide Eyes
  41. Anthropocene
    by Being
  42. Red Forest
    by If These Trees Could Talk
  43. Travelers
    by Modern day babylon
  44. Sea In The Sky EP
    by Sea In The Sky
  45. Into The Trees
    by Zoe Keating