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Daniel Jonas

  1. Dortmund, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. "... until Nature abolishes us"
    by None Valueless Art
  2. Vermillion
    by Drennan Whyte
  3. The Essence of Black Purity
    by Watain
  4. Mourning Haze / Drops of Sunlight
    by Molasses
  5. Till Stjärnorna (Demo 2021)
    by Askarike
  6. I: Cutting Wood for Magickal Purposes
  7. Aegis
    by Flame, Dear Flame
  8. As Sumer Thrones At Night
  9. Witterung
    by Shores of Ladon
  10. The Horns of Ylmir
    by Kôr
  11. Under Satans Sun
    by Frosted Undergrowth
  12. Auf den Hügelgräberhöhen
    by Grabunhold
  13. Heldentod
    by Grabunhold
  14. Hymns from the Deep
    by Khazad-dûm
  15. Withering Earth
    by Scorched Oak
  16. As The Flame Withers
    by YOTH IRIA
  17. Abyss of Wrathful Deities
    by Grave Miasma
  18. Icarus
    by Wheel
  19. Incantation Rites
    by Thronehammer
  20. The streetlight was all we needed
    by Sertraline