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  1. The Great American Death Rattle
    by Youngblood Supercult
    Burning Messiah Burning Messiah
  2. WHORE (full album)
    by Mephistofeles
    Black Sunday Black Sunday
  3. Treasure Coast
    by The Heavy Minds
    Rivers Rivers
  4. Scaevola's Fire
    by Scaevola's Fire
    Yellow Yellow
  5. Thrones In The Sky
    by Son Of A Witch
    Thrones In The Sky Thrones In The Sky
  6. Augustine Azul
    by Augustine Azul
    Tamanco Tamanco
    Just pure heavy rock awesomeness. It's instrumental but you won't even notice because of the energy this guys use, you won't get bored.
  7. Druid
    by Druid
    Moonlight in Ares Moonlight in Ares
    It's heavy, bluesy, doomy, psych, retro, and above all: it's just so goddamn good!
  8. Fuzzonaut Split
    by Bar de Monjas
    The Ripper The Ripper
    Pure doom, and it's even better when they add some flavor and make it fun like these guys do.