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Daniel Aufmann

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio
  2. Rock
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  1. Notes From the Village
    by Anat Cohen
    Washington Square Park Washington Square Park
  2. Tears of Lust (Album)
    by Angel Nation
    Tears Of Lust Tears Of Lust
    The production, songwriting, and musicianship on this album is all top-notch, and Elina has one of the most powerfully beautiful voices in metal. The title track gives me chills.
  3. Two Hearted
    by Dawg Yawp
    I Wanna Be a Dawg I Wanna Be a Dawg
    Utterly unique experimental indie/folk/electronic/bluegrass mashup which somehow manages to get every single one of those genres exactly right! While my favorite track is the opener, the bluegrass track is good enough to make me want to hear an entire album of Dawg Yawp bluegrass. Gets better every time I listen to it.
  4. Over Easy
    by Diet Cig
    Harvard Harvard
  5. Ghosts
    by Instanzia
    Ghosts of The Past Ghosts of The Past
    Highly polished, headbanging awesomeness which proves that kick-ass power metal doesn't have to be a Europe-only game. Lyrically speaking, Instanzia is better than a lot of much more famous bands, and their arrangements are flawless.
  6. Ripple
    by The Memories
    I Got That Feelin' Once Again I Got That Feelin' Once Again
  7. Pieces Ov Eight Bit: The Chiptune Pirate Metal EP
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
    Hook The Plank Hook The Plank
  8. Free Association Backfires
    by Honey Radar
    Closing Closing
  9. "A Love Story" — Album
    by Spacefish
    Lift Off! Lift Off!
  10. EP
    by Spacesuits for Indians
    Always Down Always Down
  11. Thigh High Tye Dye
    by Thigh High Tye Dye
    Anonymous/Eponymous Anonymous/Eponymous
    Super rad tape from a super rad bunch of guys. Nice cheerful garage pop/rock for a sunny day.
  12. Winded City EP
    by Winded City
    For A While For A While
    Really exciting music from a very talented band. The only thing wrong with this CD is there are only 4 tracks on it.
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  13. Transitions
    by The Sea Life
    Transitions Transitions
  14. Nice Try
    by Leggy
    Peach Peach
  15. Drifting by Design
    by BRAEVES
    Guest of the Gun Guest of the Gun
  16. Drink 'Til We Die
    by Lagerstein
    Dreaded Skies Dreaded Skies
    Awesome swashbuckling pirate metal with a comical sailor-mouth edge.
  17. The Primordial Booze
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
    Creatures Ov Deception Creatures Ov Deception
    Without a doubt the weirdest damn album I've ever heard, mixing chiptune electronica with pirate metal, but it's really hard to stop listening to.
  18. after midnight
    Drain My Brain Drain My Brain
  19. What A Way to Die
    by Tweens
  20. Early Memories
    by The Memories
    We Don't Need No Money (2010) We Don't Need No Money (2010)
  21. Kill Your Idols
    by White Heat
    SunDance SunDance
    Awesome garage rock/punk band with a gift for melody and dope-ass riffs.
  22. The Beginning
    by Nicholas Brehm
  23. Live at Mohawk
    by Tweens
    What a Way to Die What a Way to Die
    It shows how great this band is that their first release is a super-murky cassette of (mostly) girl group covers and it's still impossible to stop listening to.
  24. Tweens
    by Tweens
    My favorite hometown band releases their first album! I'm a little salty that they didn't include I'm Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend on the vinyl pressing, but there's literally nothing else to complain about on this album. One of 2014's very best releases.