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  1. Black Light
    by SONAR
  2. Adagio for Strings (an Analog Guy meets Samuel Barber)
    by Martin Roth
  3. an analog guy in a digital world
    by Martin Roth
  4. IIIIV
    by chozo
  5. Motifs
    by 20syl
  6. Loyal
    by ODESZA
  7. Polyhymnia
    by Yazz Ahmed
  8. Mare
    by Christian Löffler
  9. Depart
    by AKKU Quintet
  10. Till There's Nothing Left
    by Grand Pianoramax
  11. A Louder Silence
    by Leifur James
    Suns of Gold Suns of Gold
    Great heteroclite album.
    "Suns of Gold" is particularily well constructed and dynamic. Keep up the good work !
  12. The Good Fight
    by Oddisee
  13. Automatic
    by Ladi6
    Shine On Shine On
    Can't get enough of this album. Well balanced and powerful. The Oddisee remix of Diamonds is simply breathtaking (see other album) and the original is a great sound as well, but I love the atmosphere of Shine On - set by Ikarus at the beginning of the album, and carried out till the end. Thank you for this !
  14. All Glows
    by Fakear
  15. Sauvage
    by Fakear
  16. Fallen Trees
    by Lubomyr Melnyk
  17. Phase
    by Mildlife
    The Magnificent Moon The Magnificent Moon
  18. Sound of Sinning
    by Monophonics
  19. Blurred EP
    by Kiasmos
  20. A Moment Apart
    by ODESZA
    Corners Of The Earth (feat. RY X) Corners Of The Earth (feat. RY X)
    Been following their work for some time. This album is clearly one of the most polished electronica LPs I've listened to in recent years.
    Amazing sonorities, ambiance, feelings floating around in there.
    Keep up the good work <3
  21. Aeon
    by AKKU Quintet
  22. Dawn Chorus
    by Hidden Orchestra
  23. Wingbeats
    by Hidden Orchestra
  24. Blue Book
    by Tor
  25. Giants
    by Andreya Triana
  26. Lost Where I Belong
    by Andreya Triana
  27. Molecules
    by AKKU Quintet
  28. Odd Renditions
    by Oddisee
  29. The Beauty In All
    by Oddisee
  30. safe in the steep cliffs
    by emancipator
  31. soon it will be cold enough
    by emancipator
    Amazing album - mellow, deep chilling, and yet christal clear music. Bravo !
  32. Odd Seasons
    by Oddisee
  33. Port Authority
    by Marco Polo
  34. Rock Creek Park
    by Oddisee
  35. People Hear What They See
    by Oddisee
  36. Midway
    by Freddie Joachim
  37. Patiently
    by Freddie Joachim
  38. Changes Of Atmosphere
    by Dela
  39. Volcano
    by Labrador City
  40. Everybody Knows
    by The Young Gods
    Mister Sunshine Mister Sunshine
    Great album and specifically Mr Sunshine. Makes me float upside down every time 😁
  41. Get It Together
    by Sola Rosa
  42. Standard Translation
    by QSTN
  43. Smooth Danger
    by Grand Pianoramax