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  1. Psalms for the Sunder
    by Alder & Ash
    Seen Through the Cedar Smoke Seen Through the Cedar Smoke
  2. Lost Tribe Sound Sampler
    by Lost Tribe Sound
    Light Blooms in Hollow Space (Album: Hymn Binding - LTS-031) Light Blooms in Hollow Space (Album: Hymn Binding - LTS-031)
  3. Clutched in the Maw of the World
    by Alder & Ash
    A Seat Amongst God and His Children A Seat Amongst God and His Children
  4. Night Of Visions
    by Ancestral Voices
    Night Of Visions Night Of Visions
  5. Divination
    by Ancestral Voices
    Divination Divination
  6. The Sound of Lights When Dim (2017 Remaster)
    by Slow Dancing Society
    The Warm Familiar Smell of September (2017 mix) The Warm Familiar Smell of September (2017 mix)
  7. Pale Ravine (Bonus Edition)
    by Deaf Center
    Lobby Lobby
  8. (For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly
    by Antonymes
    Towards Tragedy And Dissolution Towards Tragedy And Dissolution
  9. Queller
    by Nadja
    Dark Circles Dark Circles
  10. Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante - The North Green Down
    by Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante
    A Worn Out Life (With Cello) A Worn Out Life (With Cello)
  11. Pine
    by Olan Mill
    Pine Pine
  12. Cascadia
    by Madeleine Cocolas
    The Sea Beneath Me The Sea Beneath Me
  13. Earthworks
    by Drombeg
    A Thousand Nights A Thousand Nights
  14. Solitude
    by Ennuison
    Solitude I Solitude I
  15. Preliminary Script
    by Dmitry Evgrafov
    A Funereal Vision, Sudden Gloom Or Something A Funereal Vision, Sudden Gloom Or Something
  16. Monocyte
    by Saltillo
  17. Unspoken
    by Alvaro Barcala
    Unspoken I Unspoken I
  18. Quickbeam
    by Quickbeam
    One To Hold One To Hold
    Quickbeam's debut album is lovely and melancholic, full of wary vocals, beautiful strings and rich pianos. The slow and tender music sounds confident and firm and feels like a warm, welcoming embracement - like a much desired conversation with someone you love and respect. A conversation about feelings, emotions, decisions and consequences. A conversation that requires a thoughtful opinion from someone that cares and that you trust. This is a perfect album I'm glad to have discovered.
  19. Deus Irae
    by Flint Glass & Collapsar
    The Servants of wrath part I The Servants of wrath part I
  20. Illume
    by Jacob Pavek
    Illume Illume
    I bought this without hesitation after listening to the very first seconds of its title track "Illume" as I instantly recognized the same emotional sublimity as of a Carlos Cipa or Federico Albanese, but with its own touch: a prominent combination of piano & violin. They're prancing around each other with calm ups & downs until they manage to get together to form a strong symbiosis of interaction which feels like a firm sense of honesty, regret & acceptance. Definitely needs a vinyl release!
  21. The Limbic System
    by Sonmi451
    Hippocampus Hippocampus
  22. Hermit
    by TAUUSK
    Wander Wander
  23. The Old City - OST
    by Atrium Carceri
    Intro / Menu Intro / Menu
    The old City, a town that's hiding away unimaginable horrors lurking in the shadows, a town that makes you uneasy with its face of decay & desoalte surroundings & a forebroding atmosphere that'll make you realize that an unspeakable presence is watching your every step from the window sills.

    This Soundtrack comes with a pretty dense & dark atmosphere that lights up every now & then with a surreal twist which adds a whole lot of tension to the overall mood of the album. Certainly a must have!
  24. Good Grief
    by Grawl!x
    Atlas Bear Atlas Bear
    Grawl!x' debut album is a misty dream of melancholic shoegazing and rich soundscapes of compelling tunes. A mixture that ends up as a mature and perfectly executed album which is rounded off with hazy, distant vocals that guide you from the fragile beginning of "Good Grief" to the trembling and moving climax towards the end. There's a lot to discover in the rich and detailed arrangements of the songs, but even the sparse parts on the album are anxious to please - and they do succeed.
  25. bones you have thrown me and blood i've spilled
    by kathryn joseph
    the why what, baby? the why what, baby?
    The blend between Kathryn Joseph's husky, timid vocals and prominent, fragile Piano rhythms are the quintessence of an outstanding album that manages to catpure a reclusive atmosphere. One that can be described as a moment of confession, one that is both uneasy & comforting, like it's growing a bond out of honesty that compels the acceptance of complications - complications one is willing and strong enough to overcome. I'm glad I stumbled upon this as it grows on me every minute I'm listening!
  26. A Thousand Fields
    by Offthesky & Pleq
    Ashes of America Ashes of America
  27. Ruebke
    by Islands Of Light
    Gypta Gypta
    Ruebke is a humble & fragile mixture of soft piano tunes & gentle ambient passages. All of the compositions are subtle arrengements & slowly unfolding variations of percussions with modest journeys into the world of drones. Due to its subtle nature of sound Ruebke is almsot predestinated for the soft & calm background music one can enjoy while having a cozy get together with friends or your dearest one. It's a noteable & intriguing experience that'll have a hard time to distract or disturb you.
  28. Le Rêve d'Igor
    by le cirque moderne
    Le rêve d'Igor - thème au piano Le rêve d'Igor - thème au piano
    This album is a sweet audible fable that slowly unfolds as it's being told by charming tunes & rhythms that literally engulf you in the fascinating & mysterious atmosphere of a wandering circus that you can't withstand due to your own curiosity! You know it's a bad idea to enter but deep inside you know that all the bizarre things that'll await you once inside will be the adventure of your life. A soundtrack for an adventure full of imagination, long forgotten child memories & wishes.
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  29. Charcoal (2014 Special Edition)
    by Brambles
    In The Androgynous Dark In The Androgynous Dark
    A gentle, sometimes grieving & mournful album consisting of exquisite instrument choices of plucked strings & a dampened piano. A lot of different moods are unfolding throughout the album ranging from relief to haunting (brooding & dwelling atmospheres). Some of these moods are strongly guided by mixed in samples of atmospheric soundscapes. Charcoal is an astounding album that caught me by surprise & I've been listening to it more than a dozen times already. Can't wait for the vinyl to arrive!
  30. Life After Suicide
    by Wardrobe Memories
    Sibiria Passway Sibiria Passway
  31. Drowning in the Forest
    by Free Tibet
    Drowning in the Forest Drowning in the Forest
    This album is a mysterious journey through a dense forest covered in thick fog & the only guidance is the occasional glimpse of the starry sky. What begins on a hopeless path turns into a discovery of an ancient & long forgotten tribe. The whole atmosphere is achieved by a fine blend of forest ambiances, a dominant use of drones to build up the tension & when you're about to discover the tribal like influences of you adventure the didgeridoos & banusirs kick in to complete the arrangements.
  32. The Art of the Piano
    by Fabrizio Paterlini
    Somehow familiar Somehow familiar
    Lovely executed songs that calmly float around while they unravel a tender journey of magnificent piano work. It's a journey of serenity & peace that never tries to force the destination of the paths being traveled. It offers scattered & soft moments of dominance that'll introduce you to key moments of the relaxing adventure you're going through. What these key moments are going to portray is up to you & your desired destination while enjoying this album. It may be short but it's outstanding.
  33. darkness travels light
    by at the close of every day
    hope for hope hope for hope
    An honest & melancholic sounding album that caught me by surprise. What began as a pretty decent musical experience turned into a "must listen at least once a day since I bought the album". A lovely arrangement of soft, calm vocals & rythms mixed together with guitars, strings & subtle drums. A soothing ambiance that is created out of finding the insight of acceptance & it doesn't matter if it's positive or negative, it's just abot the moment of pure realisation. This is a true gem of 2014!
  34. Migration
    by Lykanthea
    Aphonia Aphonia
    With fine textured synthesizer tunes and soundscapes Lykanthea manages to create the right atmosphere and ambiance for her spectral/ethereal vocals to tell us a story of a mythical world. With a slight touch of an ancient tribal atmosphere we embark on a journey of long forgotten times and cultures which we're about rediscovered. It feels like a moment of serenity and clarity as we realize and understand our own roots and all that followed since it all began. A delicate piece of music.
  35. Myrkur
    by Myrkur
    Latvian Fegurð Latvian Fegurð
    This is a black metal album from a one-woman-solo project that offers very fine sacral vocals, a rather dismal prevailing mood and a good rhythmic texture that builds up a nice tension between calm, atmospheric moments and fast, shredding guitars. The only real downside are the drums as they sound kinda lifeless and lack the punch they should express - nevertheless, Myrkur's debut EP is a fine and fresh atmospheric black metal release that'll leave me eagerly waiting for a full album!
  36. The Sound Of Lights When Dim
    by Slow Dancing Society
    The Warm Familiar Smell Of September The Warm Familiar Smell Of September
    This album reflects a soothing moment of day dreaming that wraps you up in a velvet and soft warmth while freeing your mind and thoughts of everything. Gentle tunes and rythms, all charming to the ear, provide a melodic state fo sensuality and fragility. All these lovely arrangements and compositions go hand in hand with their interesting and thoughtful song titles as they always make me think about a deeper meaning of things, or questioning the moments and actions of recent happenings.
  37. Diabolical Streak
    Pulling Your Insides Out Pulling Your Insides Out
    A timeless & haunting masterpiece that keeps seducing the listener, with a bittersweet beauty about everything malevolent. There's a creepy & uneasy atmosphere throughout the album, but you feel like someone's holding your hand, taking care of you while you listen/watch to all those "evil things" happening - like it's OK & natural to let all them all happen - all accomplished by Tracy's amazing voice and vocals. Still the best dark cabaret album since I discovered this genre - despite its age.
  38. Greenland
    by Grün
    Imperfect Imperfect
    Without a doubt is "Greenland" one of the best post rock albums ever made. Moody songs that genuinely build up tension, rising up with climaxes to bringing everything back down to ease with soft vocals scattered throughout the album. Complex melodies, fine played rhythms and rocking crescendos create a highly enjoyable mixture of music that leaves basically nothing to be disappointed about. It offers a lot of contrast when it comes down to its genre and a lot to discover with its arrangements.
  39. Silene stenophylla
    by I am planet
    Adelidae Adelidae
    A calm and gentle arrangement of dominant piano rythms supported by slow and long violine tunes. This EP is a sweet and short experience of finely executed minimalism and despite its minimalism it still manages to build up enough tension and diversity to keep you interested in listening. It creates a rather chastening mood of realization that brings you back down to the bottom of things - in a positive way. Not sad or depressive, but rather firm and honest in terms of acceptance and feelings.
  40. My Family Goes On Without Me
    by Caught In The Wake Forever
    With The Permission Of The Oil Burners With The Permission Of The Oil Burners
    When listening to the album I keep falling into a mood of relief, acceptance and easiness. It's soft sounding, pleasing to the ear and mind and comes with an ambiance that resonates serenity. The musical and lyrical arrangements throughout the album feel like the acknowledgement and realization that one made an upright decision on uneasy things - to let go of the concerns and worriedness. Seemingly telling the listener to forget and forgive ..and in the end, to move on!
  41. 1979
    by Deru
    The Future Never Comes The Future Never Comes
    While listening to 1979 I keep catching myself drifting off into thoughts and emotions of stories long forgotten & those about being written and told. It's offering a vast amount of empathy & peacefulness. With the recent happenings in my life, the concept that this album is build upon, I can only add that this release will be the bridge between me, my emotions & the last moments I spend with my father. It creates a struggle in me between acceptance, loss and gratefulness. Wonderful release.
  42. Mantiis
    by Obsidian Kingdom
    Not Yet Five Not Yet Five
    This is an experimental metal album that perfectly blends together a fine mixture of genres and to me it's the core element why this album is such magnificent work. The genres and their flow throughout the album, how they develop and interact with each other is outstanding and allow a unique listening experience you'll find very rarely. Basically this album is one huge track split into different sections that work on their own but should be enjoyed as a whole for the best musical experience.Top!
  43. BorderTracks Deluxe Edition
    by Bordertracks
    Mystery Trains Mystery Trains
    BorderTracks is an atmospheric & rhythmic album without getting too prominent. The tunes are well defined & noticeably, but won't cause much distraction when the album is played as background music, like a shabby band might play in a shady bar. Sometimes you cant deny a „Desperado” like theme coming from the songs. In contrast to the overall theme there are songs like "East of Sicily" that stand out with their faster & striking tune - introducing the showdown of a movie! I enjoy the album a lot.
  44. HEXED
    by Yidhra
    Witch Queen Witch Queen
    Yidhra, the immortal "Dream Witch" - from by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. "Hexed" is an exquisite doom metal album that, just like Lovecraft's created entity, will devour you. It's slow, heavy and comes with an eldritch mood and a possessive atmosphere packed with dense riffs, as well as deep and massive vocals. All these things mixed together manage to give this album a nihilistic, grueling touch. I'a Hydra! I'a Dagon! I'a Cthulhu! Cthulhu approves!
  45. Dennis Johnson: November
    by R. Andrew Lee
    November (disc 1) November (disc 1)
    If you got time on your hands and the willing mood to listen to this calm and serene 5h masterpiece of minimalism, then you should!
    It's music to enjoy the moments of resting peace when you're alone with a cup of tea in a cold winter night, together whith your partner while enjoying each others company, or simply as non distracting background music when enjoying a good book.