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  1. The Tower and The Star
    by Another Perfect Crime
  2. Slimex
    by Slimex
  3. βουλή (Will)
    by Sweet Creature
  4. ὕλη (Hylic)
    by Sweet Creature
  5. S/T
    by Antonioni
  6. GRAY
    by BYLAND
  7. fuck danny denial
    by Danny Denial
  8. Stay Evil
    by Black Ends
  9. Ghosts in the transmission
    by Dearly Departed
  10. Delicious Trouble (Album)
    by Fly Moon Royalty
  11. Light Fix
    by High Pulp
  12. Something New
    by Mirrorgloss
  13. Maya Marie
    by Maya Marie
  14. Cobain & Cornbread
    by The Black Tones
  15. Lion And Tiger Fight
    by The Yes Masters
  16. Better (feat. GLITCHLETTE)
    by Apology Wars
  17. Suck
    by Stereo Creeps
  18. Shorn Of Artifice
    by TBASA
  19. Tales From Amazonia
    by Lord Shambleton
  20. Pretty Boy Trash
    by Dirty Dirty