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Dan DeMarco

  1. Iowa City, Iowa
  2. Alternative
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    by Xiu Xiu
  2. Dry Food
    by Palehound
  3. Velocity:Design:Comfort.
    by Sweet Trip
  4. Thumbs
  5. who told you to think??!!?!?!?!
    by milo
    by clipping.
  7. Painted Shut
    by Hop Along
    Texas Funeral Texas Funeral
    A freaky, fuzzed-out collection of stories that range from funny, to awkward, to tragic, all narrated by Frances Quinlan's piercing voice. Hop Along has a knack for turning the mundane into rock.
  8. so the flies don't come
    by milo
    @yomilo @yomilo
    Channelling his spoken word flow and cerebral wordplay over jazzy and intricate beats, milo has created a collection of tracks brimming with attitude, aggression, and insight.
  9. memphis in texas
    by Shrubbies
    sabled fur sabled fur
    Before he started rocking cathedrals with his chamber pop outfit North Sea Radio Orchestra, Craig Fortnam made music with Shrubbies, a quirky pop unit that fused classical guitar plucking and neo-classical composition with conventional rock instrumentation. Memphis in Texas is the band at their genre-blending peak.
  10. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
    House of Winston House of Winston
    Shakey Graves ascends in this strong studio offering, gracing rollicking rockers with his trademark lo-fi croon. Don't miss it!
  11. Swimming
    by Second Dam
    Brick By Brick Brick By Brick
    Full of soaring and soulful arrangements, Swimming is a beautifully produced collection that grows better and better upon each listen. Second Dam have created something truly remarkable here.
  12. Sisterbones
    by Pennyhawk
    You'll Have To Wait You'll Have To Wait
    Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, Sisterbones is one of those take-a-walk-and-listen-all-day anti-folk records.
  13. Ballyhack Pitzer
    by The John Barry Conception
    kakis kakis
    Warm, honest songwriting with a straightforward production. The John Barry Conception is folk at its finest.
  14. Morning Follows Me Here
    by Gaby and the Thurstones
    Fragile Heart Fragile Heart
    Gaby and the Thurstones offer folky acoustic guitars and layered harmonies combined with sonic ambient explorations. At times both fragile and intense, Morning Follows Me Here is an entrancing collection featuring smart poppy tunes alongside intricate extended cuts. These guys know how to write music.
  15. conversations
    by Snow Mantled Love
    The Bear The Bear
    Snow Mantled Love have created yet another collection of ambient, soothing bedroom pop lullabies. Full of dreamlike extended jams, Conversations draws you into its world and doesn't let go.
    by Sully and The Benevolent Folk
    The Old Man The Old Man
    It's hard to pick out a favorite track from this one. Sully and the Benevolent Folk bring it with every tune on The Odd Sea, a collection that explores every shade of folk, rock and blues. A rewarding purchase full of soulful ballads, banging rockers and just plain love songs. Well worth the buy!
  17. Turtle Neck
    by Bosnian Rainbows
    Bosnian Rainbows are setting up quite the record here. Keep your eyes peeled.
  18. Torn Maps
    by Bosnian Rainbows
    So extremely excited for this record to come out.
  19. The Oh Hellos
    by The Oh Hellos
    Hello My Old Heart Hello My Old Heart
    Masters of the slow build, The Oh Hellos' eponymous record is a collection of straight-up driving folk music. You'll be singing along, or at least thumping your feet along to every song on this beautiful collection before long.
  20. Clear Lake Strangler
    by TV Torso
    Clear Lake Strangler Clear Lake Strangler
    Sometimes, you just need a rock song. Here's three.
  21. Romance 126
    by Snow Mantled Love
    A Clear Mind A Clear Mind
    Snow Mantled Love creates a world of fragile yet inviting soundscapes and heartrending vocals. Once you start listening to this record's lilting, subtle melodies, you'll want to do little else than finish it through to the end--an experience that more than rewards even the casual listener.
  22. We'll Meet Again
    by Ditte Elly
    Sleeper Train Sleeper Train
    A beautifully melodic album, full of intricate and captivating arrangements. A stunning example of the magic that can be produced with just a guitar, a little piano, and a voice. Well worth the buy.
  23. VS4
    by Jack Conte
    Only Dreaming Only Dreaming
    Jack Conte is a genius. His passionate songwriting will leave you scrambling for the next tune as soon as the current one ends. VS4 is the latest in his Video Songs (VS) album series. Go check it out!
  24. scared
    by zefrank
    This song is magical.
  25. Mir
    by Ott.
    One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time
    I love this album. The first track should enough to convince you to buy or at least stream the whole thing. Stop reading this and listen to it right now!
  26. The Age of Adz
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Get Real Get Right Get Real Get Right