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  1. Forests and Oceans
    by Lucas Paakh
    Blast Magus Theme Blast Magus Theme
    Lucas Paakh makes indescribably good music. I discovered his music from his flash game William and Sly some odd years ago and I've just been so awed by it. Beautiful album!

    Note: Play this album with Rainy Mood - it's spectacular!
  2. eve
    by emancipator
    The beat in this song is amazing..and the etheral voice, violin, and what sounds like a piano and music box makes this one of the most unique combination of instruments I've heard.
  3. hill sighed
    by emancipator
    I used to play hill sighed on repeat while crossing oceans and discovering islands in Minecraft. Some of the best memories I have are tied to songs like this, which I find on YouTube.
  4. all through the night
    by emancipator
    This song elicits nostalgia from me as greenland and hill sighed did. Emancipator truly has talent for making music
  5. greenland
    by emancipator
    My "happy place" is this song playing while my eyes are closed. I just imagine a warm, foggy morning with birds chirping sweet melodies as the sun rises.
  6. Ursa Major
    by Floex
    Especially with headphones, this piece is fantastic...I admire how amazing the whole album is, but this one kept getting stuck in my head all day. I had to get it.
  7. Machinarium Soundtrack
    by Tomáš Dvořák
    Mr. Handagote Mr. Handagote
    Playing Machinarium in spring 2015, I was awed by the fantastically unique and perplex music, which fit very well with the equally unique and perplexing game. I knew I had to get this soundtrack; it's just too awesome to pass up.
  8. Is
    by Purl
    I enjoy the beat that starts up around the middle of the song and how the ambience sounds like it's coming to my ears in waves.
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  9. Behind Clouds
    by Purl
    Is and Behind Clouds have exposed me to a kind of ambience I wasn't used to hearing much of before. I feel like I'm soaring in the sky when I listen!
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  10. Wilderness
    by Explosions in the Sky
    This has some therapeutic effect to it.. calms me when I'm frustrated.
  11. Tangle Formations
    by Explosions in the Sky
    I love how this song goes from suspenseful and creeping, then exciting and upbeat..and seems to change tunes within the song itself. Very nothing I've heard before.
  12. Disintegration Anxiety
    by Explosions in the Sky
    This track was a singular experience for me when I first listened. There's a sound effect I can only describe as 'fuzzy-sounding', and the tune is amazing throughout.
  13. The Ecstatics
    by Explosions in the Sky
    Typically, I don't listen to rock music at all..and I believe it was only because I hadn't found this rock band yet. And I really enjoy the cymbal beating in this one!
  14. Infinite Orbit
    by Explosions in the Sky
    The tune slowly rises from this one, and gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day and night. Just an extremely enjoyable song.
  15. Hello, Is This Your House?
    by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo
    A lovely, sort of melancholic tune.
  16. Alone Time
    by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo
    This song is so relaxing with the sweetness of the guitar and piano. This is my go-to song for when I get alone time now. It's perfect.
  17. Join Me On My Avalanche
    by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo
    I've never seen Prince Avalance, but hearing this song makes me want to watch it! This is one of those rare songs I long to hear in any good movie..
  18. Yume
    by Helios
    Yume Yume
    An unbelievably enjoyable album. Helios knows how to make some of the best music I've ever had the pleasure of hearing.
  19. Caesura
    by Helios
    A Mountain of Ice A Mountain of Ice
    A Mountain of Ice and Shoulder to Hand were the first songs I heard from Caesura. First discovering them had been embedded in my mind as one of the best memories I have to date. The whole album was worth it - no regrets!
  20. Eingya
    by Helios
    Halving the Compass Halving the Compass
    One of the best decisions I ever made was click on a YouTube video that played the song Halving the Compass. I was put at a blissful ease and began to drift away on good memories from the past. I later found every song from Eingya to be amazing.