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  1. Last Evenings On Earth
    by Melt Yourself Down
    Dot To Dot Dot To Dot
    Stunning album from ex-Zun Zun Egui musos. Super inspiring tunes. Love the brass.
  2. Fever 121614
    by Deerhoof
  3. Short
    by That Fucking Tank
  4. Blister b/w Old Soul
    by the EFFECTS
    Devin Ocampo is playing guitar again!!! YES!
  5. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Reach For The Stars Kid But Don't Blame Me If It Makes You Miserable Reach For The Stars Kid But Don't Blame Me If It Makes You Miserable
    I pressed record on bits of this! It's a sodding belter. More big riffs that are equal parts agro as fuck and super uplifting than you can shake a big stick at. GO AND BUY IT NOW!
  6. EP426
    by Vasquez
    Low To Be Heavy Low To Be Heavy
    So good I bought it twice...
  7. La Unión De Roku & Demipenteract
    by Poly-Math
    An EVEN more impressive offering from our Brightonian chums, this is a fucking belter! Chuffed Cleft will be playing with them a few times this year!
  8. EP426
    by VASQUEZ
    Low To Be Heavy Low To Be Heavy
    The best melodic guitar hook of all time. One of my favourite EPs ever by some my favourite people ever. BUY THIS NOW, YOU CAN THANK ME LATER!
  9. Geography
    by Vasco Da Gama
    The Greenland Problem The Greenland Problem
    Vasco's last ever recorded offering. So, SO sodding sad. Cleft are humbled and privileged to be playing their last ever show. A brilliant EP to end on though...
  10. Route One or Die
    by Three Trapped Tigers
    Creepies Creepies
    I was lucky enough to do a live recording of these guys a couple of years ago at Meadowlands festival. They are utterly brilliant! Check out how the recording and video turned out:
  11. High Time
    by Halfling's Leaf
    S.N.C. S.N.C.
    My personal favourite from Halfling's Leaf's new EP. The grooviest form of concentrated evil I've heard in ages, SO GOOD!

    Go and download it for only £2. Or get the proper physical copy for a tiny bit more, which I have no doubt if liquified and consumed would be highly hallucinogenic... bargain...
  12. Swamp Box
    by Coroner for the Police
    Born Liar Born Liar
    John from Cleft's bluesy swampy other musical project. Some tasty, stratty, single coil guitar action going on here!